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Kennedy arrived in Houston yesterday and after a long day of appointments and PET scan today, there is finally some definitive light on her condition.  Unfortunately it is not positive news I have to report, and please understand that Kennedy is not aware of the extent of her condition at this time.  The family requests that this remains the case; Kennedy is in very good spirits having had a bit of a "surge' of energy the past two days and for no reason would we want to knock the wind out of her sails at this point.  The PET today revealed what the bone scan had hinted at, but that we all wished to deny.  Dr. Anderson is unable to radiate areas that have already been radiated, so the only option at this time is to return home with the road map the PET provides and turn that over to a pain management specialist that can perform nerve blocks if necessary and manage/adjust her oral meds as well.  After another x-ray on Wednesday to stay ontop of some intestinal issues they will be heading back home before the weekend. 

We were hoping this visit would be more positive, but regardless there are answers which provide some comfort, but a stern dose of reality too.  Please pray that travels home are smooth and that Kennedy can quickly settle back into her routines and home, comfortable to enjoy her family, friends and all the wonders of this season.  We have much to be thankful and so grateful for, this child's spirit and the power of prayers never cease to amaze and will certainly sustain in the days to come. 

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!!!