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unclear scans, lots of questions...

Kennedy went to clinic for counts and the bone scan yesterday.  Her counts were very good.  The results of the bone scan are still to be clarified.  The one large tumor in the right lung still remains stable, 7 weeks now!  However, there is a new growth in that lung that is now appearing on x-ray.  There are multiple areas in question on the bone scan that include the hips and spine, and now the ribs and clavical as well.  It is unclear with this scan, especially as it relates to the hips and spine, what is old/dead/radiated and what is in fact new growth.  So truly we do not know what we are dealing with yet.  Dr. Gratias does not have the most current bone scan completed at MD Anderson in June to compare to the scan done yesterday.  Tomorrow the exchange of info. will begin, everything being sent to MD Anderson, in hopes of getting some clear answers as to what Kennedy is dealing with, why her pain has been so intense, and if there is any sort of pallative treatment possible to alleviate the discomfort.  I will update as I am given permission to.  The family was very hesitant to put this much information out there right now as there are so many questions between physicians and without having a clear answer this has not been shared in depth with Kennedy.  As always this is in God's hands.  Please pray that regardless of the final analysis of this scan, that Kennedy's spirit will remain strong and courageous as ever.   

Thank you ever so much for your continued prayers and support.