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Quick Update 11/5/2011

(written by Ken, typed by Beth)

I have had some reactions to the Graft versus Host Disease.  Started on August 20 and had to go back to Mayo Clinic.  Was hospitalized for about three weeks.  It affected my taste, eyes, ears, skin (going to a dermatologist today), energy and strength.  All this is to be expected but has to be monitored closely.

Blood test has to be sent to Mayo Clinic once per week, which we will do tomorrow (Tuesday).

In mid-November, we made another trip to the Mayo Clinic.  We left on Wednesday (11/16).  During that stay I was in the hospital for six days and they ran tests for EVERYTHING!  They dismissed me about noon on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Kathie drove all the way home - 8 and 1/2 hour drive.

We are going back to the Mayo Clinic on the 12th of December and hopefully this time it will be a shorter stay.  Never know.

Right now I feel pretty good.  If you want to get a hold of me, call my home phone (906-249-9314).  My computer is being fixed, so do not try email.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.  It means so much to us.  May the good Lord bless you and provide good health to you.