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Hello All,

Back to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow (11/16/2011) to try and get this figured out.  Hopefully they can get it solved.

It has not been very pleasant lately.  I will let Beth know by phone where we stand at the end of the day Friday and she can update you.

The symptoms I have right now are listed below:

  1. Chills 30% of the time

  2. Dry Mouth

  3. Blotchie skin - rash

  4. Flakey skin

  5. Extreme fatigue - can not get enough sleep

  6. Plugged ears

  7. Little appetite - but gaining weight

  8. Eyes - Crusty and hard to focus - red

  9. Balance

  10. Swollen lower legs.

Please keep those thoughts and prayers coming. I appreciate it so much.

Take Care and God Bless,



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