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Sorry so late

First, I haven't been totally myself and this was brought to me by my wife. I started a new medication today and it will take about 3 days for the old medication to get out of my system. This is the 4th medication I have been on after my seizures which include a grand maul seizure in the emergency room at Howard Young Hospital in Wisconsin. I do not remember anything about the seizure and have no memory regarding it until the next day.

I have been going into work today and to me it seems like new vision is coming along.

I met with a pretty high individual at MGH and I was told that throughout the Hospital (in all areas) they have posted my article from the Mining Journal regarding my Division's new vision. This vision includes everyone in my Division, including the Building Attendants that we really do appreciate, as everyone is part of the overall team.

We have also tried some things that have worked and will continue to pay off if done correctly and keep a few people employed in Marquette, with young families who want to stay here. We are working with a Dr. at the hospital to move some visions forward and that will continue until we reach out goals or are told to stop. I am getting frustrated as this has taken longer than I expected. Another area in this undertaking is getting enough businesses to get onboard guaranteeing a large dollar amount to build a large expensive facility.

Again, I will never forget those that have stuck with me from day one. Many people think I have been an inspiration to them. I was at a gathering Friday night that for 2 miracles, and I mean miracles.

One last thing, because this is getting frustrating....Take care and God Bless you all,