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  • Sep 19, 2011 10:47am

    Ken, everyday, when I find something interesting, I reach for the phone or email to discuss it with you.  Then I remember you're not here anymore.  I really miss you.

    Harold Carr

  • Sep 6, 2011 4:33pm

    I worked closely with Ken from 1983 through 1989 at BNR, Ann Arbor. In addition to being one of the smartest people I have ever met, he was a completely unflappable friend, someone who always had something fascinating  to talk about. He's the first person I knew who had a complete Star Trek collection, taped off the air to his VCR. He let me drive his Mustang GT 105 mph once, out in upstate NY someplace, on the way back from a David Parnas class in Canada. Mostly I owe him my software career, his mentoring-by-example was a very great help and a big influence on my own life, including my later teaching and rationalist outlook. I remember you, Ken, with fondness.
    ps. I changed my name from Skip Chapen in 1996, for his friends from the BNR days who don't recognize me.

    Nathan Zalman

  • Sep 5, 2011 1:59am

    Even though I met Ken only once in person when we were at Sun, and corresponded with him through email only a few times, Ken made an impression on me. The news of his passing has saddened me greatly.
    May he rest in peace.
    My thoughts are with his family.
    Frank Kieviet

    Frank Kieviet

  • Sep 4, 2011 7:10pm

    I extend my condolences to the family of Kenneth Cavanaugh. I am from Michigan. I have the only kidney cancer support  group. I do correspond with adults who are in stage 4 RCC. I am sorry I was not able to correspond with Ken during his fight. I have extended my condolences on the obituary notice. I wish we could really eradicate this disease real soon. I belong to Action to Cure Kidney Cancer(ACKC.org). A massive campaign is underway to raise monies for research. This month too Childhood Cancer Awareness Month I hope millions can be raised. May the family of Mr. Cavanaugh be strong and help us raise funds for more research. Prof. Frank Friedman,Flint, Mi.

    frank friedman

  • Aug 31, 2011 10:52am

    Hey Linda -- Sending out thoughts of love to you and Ian (and Ken) every day. The four of us plan to be there Saturday.

    Susannah Skyer Gupta

  • Aug 30, 2011 6:39pm

    Felt very sad when I heard the news. Ken is an amazing person, great expert on CORBA, very calm and easy to approach person. Ken will always be remembered.


    Mayank Mishra

  • Aug 30, 2011 5:12pm

    Dear Linda and Ian,

    My deepest sympathies. I came to know about this only now.

    Ken was my lead at Sun Microsystems, He was one of the finest people that I have ever met and have learnt a lot from him. We really miss him.

    Hemanth Puttaswamy

  • Aug 30, 2011 3:56pm

    My dearest condolences to you and your entire family.
    Kind Regards,

    Werner Keil

  • Aug 30, 2011 5:34am

    No words can express the journey and what you've been through as a family. Know that you're loved and that Ken has started a new beautiful journey. May light and love surround you and Ian in your time of grief.
    Much love,Mollee and Ezra

    Mollee Bauer

  • Aug 29, 2011 8:58pm

    Its really a sad day for me to hear this news. I worked with Ken for about 4 months on CORBA. Throughout 4 months , I had been admiring his interest in the subject and dedication to work , and above all great patience to document everything. I learnt a lot from him . He thought me many key concepts of Java as I am a beginner and also thought me effective ways of documenting. He had been a great mentor to me.

    He always used to talk about Ian and his educational progress.
    Ken will always be remembered.

    Darani Yallapragada

  • Aug 29, 2011 4:53pm


    My deepest sympathies and prayers are with you and Ian.  Ken is a great engineer and highly respected colleague.   May he rest in peace.

    Amy Kang

  • Aug 29, 2011 1:55pm

    You and Ian are in my thoughts and prayers. All of us Sept moms love the both of you dearly and remember...we are here for you!

    Lucille Sandoval

  • Aug 29, 2011 11:50am

    Dear Linda and Ian,

    It was an honor knowing Ken in this life. May your wonderful memories of him be your solace and always bring you joy and warmth.

    With our deep sympathy/Mary Artibee and Milt Mallory

    Mary Artibee

  • Aug 29, 2011 5:08am

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, and Ian's. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of Ken's friends and family. May his memory be a blessing.

    Lynn Kendall

  • Aug 28, 2011 1:32pm

    Felt very sad when I heard the news. I didn't work much with Ken and had interacted with him only through e-mails. I can never forget him since he had helped me solve a very critical customer issue 2 years back.

    May his soul rest in peace..

    Yamini K B

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