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Kendra’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. It has been created to keep friends and family updated about our loved one.

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October 15th

Hello Everyone!



Welcome to Kendra's CaringBridge. I will try to keep you updated as much as possible.

For those of you that don't know Kendra. She is a beautiful 5 year old that has had many medical obstacles to overcome. She was born September 29th to the proud parents of Tim and Sue and her 3 sisters, Kayla, Katelyn, and Kelsey. Kendra was born full term with no major problems, as though we thought. Kendra's medical issues started shortly after arriving into the world. She would get very sick, and this would last for several days at a time. She was in and of the hospitals, with different diagnosis, but when we went home she would get sick again. She was back in fourth for and would be admitted for several weeks. It was finally diagnosed that Kendra's bladder was not draining and she would need to be catheterized to help her bladder drain. Kendra also had tests done to determine that she had bilateral reflux to her kidneys and would need surgery. Kendra's first surgery was done when she was 14 months old. Along with Kendra's bladder not working properly, it was diagnosed that her bowels were not working either. Kendra had surgery in July 2005 for an ileostomy bag. Kendra was home a short time when she prolapsed her bowel out 12 inches and needed another surgery to repair this. Kendra was finally on a road to recovery.

The year 2006 Kendra was back in and out of hospitals with more medical issues. It was diagnosed in July that Kendra's GI system was not working properly and she would need a central line in her chest so she could get TPN(total parental nutrition) to help her thrive and grow.

The year 2007 has been a very rocky road for our family. Kendra has spent so much time in and out of the hospitals and missing family time at home. March she twisted her bowel and had surgery. We were doing pretty well when June she had done the same thing again. We were in the hospital several weeks before finally being able to go home. Sadly to say that October Kendra started out not doing so well, and she had prolapsed 8 inches of her bowel. It has all been repaired and she is doing so much better. We may be on a road to recovery, we hope so anyway.

Please take some time to write in the caringbridge, I would love to hear from you!

God Bless




 Kendra Dawn McGarry

September 29 2003-March 18th 2009 














Latest Journal Update

You won't believe how busy we have been!

Hi Precious Girl,

I know my sweet girl, it has been way too long! School year ended on June 10th for Katie, and Kelsey! Kayla was done on May 22nd, can't believe she will not be in High School anymore! Off to start her Nursing Career, at WWTC for now, and then down to the Milwaukee Nursing School, to finish up, and hopefully a job at the Children's Hospital in Milwaukee in the PICCU or Special Needs!!! So excited for her to honor you, and follow her dreams to help others!!

Kayla, and Katie are working full time on the Cranberry Marsh, and loving every minute of it! Katie will be sad when she is not there anymore, and has to start school in September. Kayla might be able to work, and attend school, if it works out for her?

Kelsey just finished a fun 4 weeks at the Middle School, going swimming, boweling, and then playing soccer. She needed this time, to get out of the house. She is done, so she has been helping me around the house when she finds time in her busy "nap schedule" with Luke!

Dad is working this summer, liking the 6a-2:30p shift now with the School District, so he has time to get the Cemetery mowed, and other "daddy duties," that Mom gives him for the day!

I am sure by now you have met Aaron, we were so heart-broken to lose him on Saturday! I know you have not stopped "flirting" with him! Well, that is one thing I can say you did get from Mom! I seemed to fall for the "older guys also," which worked out so perfectly since that is how I met your Daddy! 21 Years together, and still Love him to Pieces!!!

Your sisters are going away on Saturday, if the weather cooperates, they are hoping to get away and enjoy a day at the Dells! Mom, and Dad are going out, not sure what is planned, but anything will be good!

Still Miss You...Always Have a Broken Heart!!

Love You So Much!!!

Mom, Dad, Kayla, Katie, and Kelsey