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Kelly’s Story

We know that everyone is concerned about Kelly so we set this site up to share how Kelly is doing.

As most of you know Kelly's last MRI showed progression of the cancer which means the chemo that she was taking was no longer working. With her cancer there are not a lot of chemo options so instead of trying experimental drugs and/or continuing with her current chemo Kelly, along with her family's support, decided to stop all chemo treatments and go under the care of hospice.

We know that a lot of people are texting and calling but Kelly is having trouble seeing due to a lazy left eye and an infection in her right eye so please if she doesn't respond it is because it is difficult for her.

We also understand that people would love to visit but right now is not a good time. Due to the anti-seizure medicine Kelly is extremely tired and is only awake for a few hours a day and she is spending those few hours with Mike, her sisters, mom, dad and Michelle. We are experimenting with medications to see if that helps with her energy levels. Once that is under control and we get a schedule from hospice we will try to set up some sort of visitation schedule.

We will try to post an update at least every other day on this site so check back often.

We appreciate all of the support and offers for help. Right now we have things under control but if anyone in the family needs anything we will post it on here and ask for help.

Each journal entry we will try to ask each of you to do something that will make each of our lives a little brighter.  So check out the journal entry for August 22 to see our first installment!

Latest Journal Update

Rest in Paradise Party

"Live well, love much, laugh often" these words hang in our kitchen and describe perfectly Kelly's attitude towards life.

Kelly has taught us all how to live well. On September 20th join us as we celebrate Kelly's love and we can share memories of all the laughter Kelly has brought to our lives.

The Rest in Paradise Party will be held at La Vera Party center in Willoughby Hills on Friday September 20th from 6-9 PM.

La Vera Party Center
32200 Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills, OH