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One Year Video

Here is a video my wonderful sister, Kristi made for me of my first year on my cancer journey.  I love it, thank you so much Kristi, it is awesome!  Thank you to all of my family and friends for all their love and support!!!!

Love, Kelly

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Kristina Lelm
By Kristina and Scott Lelm
That was so beautiful....
Heather Moen
By Heather Moen
What an awesome video! ❤️ you Kelly!
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Marianne Donner
By Matianne
Happy Mother's Day Kelly :).
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Natalie Carlson
By Natalie Carlson
Beautiful video, beautiful family, beautiful you!
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BILL & Dianne McGeary
By Bill & Dianne McGeary
That;s a really neat video. Such a good looking bunch, even Steve! Ha! Ha! We hope your journey through this challenge becomes easier and easier. Prayers are coming your way!
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Renae Jacobson
By Renae Jacobson
What a beautiful video - what a beautiful family. Thank you and God Bless
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Brenda Nelson
That was beautiful! Thank you Kristi! Kelly stay strong you are such a beautiful Lady and have so much to teach us all. CANCER NEVER DEALT WITH KELLY! Your smile goes forever and ever. Back in Swift Falls Brenda
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Susan Wiste
By Susan Wiste
What a beautiful video of a beautiful family.
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Mariann Murchie
By Mary Murchie
Loved it!!! You look amazing and have that twinkle in your eye! Love you tons! We continue to keep you in our prayers. ❤️
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