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Just a fast update...

My radiation was to start this past Tuesday.  That date was postponed to Thursday as the radiation team said that they needed more time for the planning. 

I went in Thursday for my first treatment, a day after my chemo.  The radiation team lead by my doctor, Dr. Timmerman did not like that just had chemo and wanted to wait again to get started with the radiation.

I have several tumors in my liver and lungs and one in my back but this radiation is all about getting this one pesky tumor in my liver.  It seems that the tumor they are going after is much larger and odd shaped than expected. It's also near some other important stuff in and around my liver that they don't want to mess up. They want to give me a week to work the chemo out of my system before we do the radiation next Tuesday.

So, one more little delay.  I'm not happy about it but I do agree it is the right call.  I only have one liver and we don't want to do anything to mess it up.  Better safe than sorry.

As a further update to the goings on in the Friend house:

Amber did get a job as Resident Assistant for next year at OU.  We are VERY excited at this as it will really help financially and also is a great opportunity for Amber.  Amber also applied for and got a summer job at the Church camp she has gone to all her life, Glen Lake Camp in Glen Rose, Tx.  She will be a camp counselor there and, again, is very excited about the opportunity. 

Andrew and I are off this morning to meet with a Boy Scout council representative to get his Eagle Project approved.  Please keep your fingers crossed on this one.  Andrew has really worked hard in scouting to get to this point and we are looking forward to him getting his Eagle soon!

Lori is settling into her new job at our church.  It is an outstanding opportunity for her/us.  The people are wonderful, the location is close, the benefits are just couldn't be better.

Thanks are going well for the Friends.  I hope they are going equally well for you.

Until next week.


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Paula Thomas
By Paula T
HI Keith -- based on the date this last journal entry was posted, you should have had your radiation by now, so I pray that it went well and that the side effects were minimal as I assume that the chemo side effects were not too good.
So happy for your daughter's employment confirmations both for this summer and for next year at OU. God is good, and, if we truly trust Him, he works these things out, eh? :-)
Just was in Glen Rose twice in the last week to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park. (Two different sets of out of town visitors). It is so beautiful there along the Paluxy River. I know that Amber will really enjoy the time she spends leading young people at the camp.
Hopefully the scout project was approved as well!
Enjoy springtime as nature is such a great healer as it, too, is a gift from God !
Perhaps we will see you at next week's support group.
Meanwhile, prayers continue for you and your precious family.
Penny Lang
By Penny
I am sorry they postponed again, but do understand their reasoning. I pray chemo wasn't too hard on you and Andrew will get his project approved. Not only Andrew has worked hard, so have you.

Wonderful news about Amber's jobs. I think she'll really enjoy being an RA, she'll get to meet so many more co-eds and she'll get to know more of the staff. I'm so happy for her and it sounds like she'll have a blast this summer, as well. I do hope she'll get to spend some time with you and Lori and Andrew this summer, though.

Great to hear Lori's job is going well, too. I do hope you're taking advantage of being able to take naps, and concentrate on healing.

We're all praying for successful results!

Hugs and prayers!
Beth Dorcas
By Phil and Beth
Thanks for the update.
Glad to hear about answers to prayer.
Brion Ferratt
By Brion Ferratt
I pray that your treatment has a good effect. Thank you for keeping us posted and encouraging us. I return to MDACC next week for staging.