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Keith’s Story

***Please note that the donation link to the right of this message is somewhat misleading; these are not for Keith. All donations made here help promote the CaringBridge website and their mission.***

We would like to explain to everyone what we know happened to Keith late Thursday night, early Friday morning, April 10th, 2009. Keith was in Austin, TX for his future brother-in-law’s bachelor party. Apparently around 12:30, Keith left a downtown Austin bar alone.

He walked a couple of blocks and entered a multi-level parking garage.  Surveillance video has Keith entering the garage and riding the elevator up around 12:55 am. Another surveillance video captures him on the 7th floor sitting on a perimeter 4-foot tall wall, leaning against a concrete support column. He fell asleep while straddling the wall and sat there for approximately 1 hour. At around 2:30 am he apparently lost his balance and fell to the ground below. He landed about a foot or two from the building.

He miraculously landed in some of the only grassy ground cover in an area that is surrounded by concrete. A pedestrian who was walking by happened to see a person falling and was able to call 9-1-1 immediately. Paramedics were on the scene quickly and transported him a couple of blocks to the hospital. This particular hospital is the leading trauma center in Central Texas.

He underwent surgery to relieve the pressure and bleeding of the brain early that morning and has been in ICU ever since. His continued state is that he is in a coma and on life support. However, under these conditions of his first 48 hours, his vitals are considered to be stable and his responsiveness has continued to increase. Thank you for all of your prayers and the constant support that you are giving us.



You can make a donation at ANY City Bank TX location under the Keith Beasley Fund. Check for your nearest location.

You can also make a donation using a Check by Phone by calling 806-771-2886.

A special thanks to Brent Couch at City Bank, Josh Purkeypile, and Brittany Couch for getting this fund going.


Both families are completely committed to taking care of Keith, and have put little thought into taking care of themselves. That’s where we come in. Although they ask for nothing but prayer, we know that we can help by taking care of the families while they take care of Keith. Meals, lodging and travel are a few basic things we can simplify for them. Below are some email accounts administered by loved ones that will help the family directly utilize the support we can all provide. Please see how you can help below and please continue to pray faithfully.

To volunteer Meals, restaurant gift cards, food deliveries or other food items please email Vonda Ilseng-