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Keaton’s Story

This is Keaton’s sister, Katie. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments you have shared with us on this page. They have helped our family during this difficult time. If anyone would like to make contributions to assist with funeral expenses, please do so by making a payment through Paypal.
Keaton is an adventurous 14 year-old. He loves seafood, especially sushi, which is not what a 14 year-old normally craves. He also is fascinated by reptiles. His collection of reptiles includes an iguana, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and a tarantula. We call it Keaton's Zoo.

From a very early age, he was fascinated with animals, specifically reptiles. The minute you talk to him you'll see how vast his knowledge of reptiles truly is. He'll spout out a random fact about a sand boa and he'll talk about the mating rituals of snakes and frogs. We call him our mini-herpetologist.

In March of 2007, Keaton went into the doctor complaining of a pain in his hip. X-rays and scans confirmed that he had osteosarcoma: bone cancer in his upper right femur.

This is his story of triumph over adversity.

Latest Journal Update

Memories of Thanksgiving Past

Written in the Philippines.. Thanksgiving 2009
I am thankful we had this one.

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Been trying to get a list together of things to be thankful for, and things NOT thankful for. Might be an equal opportunity list, since it is hard to be thankful for a lot of things in this life, but at the same time, there are still a lot of things to list on the thankful list. Number one thing on the NOT thankful for list -- CANCER!! - Osteosarcoma, especially! Number one on the MOST thankful for - Keaton with me to celebrate Thanksgiving . 
We had a very interesting Thanksgiving day here in the Philippines. Keaton decided we should invite some of the Americans stuck over here away from home on this holiday, to get together in our hotel room for a traditional thanksgiving meal. Well, as it turned out, we weren't really able to find the ingredients over here for a traditional American Thanksgiving meal, and also weren't able to manage any Americans for company,(some just didn't feel up to it), but we did have a really good Thanksgiving dinner with a slight twist on tradition, and we had a multicultural celebration with our Canadian friends as well as a huge group of  the medical staff here - nurses, docs, etc. who showed up at our door singing We wish you a Merry Christmas! I had to correct their holiday mixup, but as it was their first time to celebrate Thanksgiving, they just didn't know any Thanksgiving songs.(ha)  We couldn't find turkey here, so we had chicken,- no pecans available in the Philippines, so our sweet potato casserole was topped with sliced almonds, - rice was substituted for dressing,- and with no pumpkin to be found, Keaton made Tai tapioca pudding, instead, for dessert. We did find out that Filipino sweet potatoes take three times as long to cook, and sago(substituted for tapioca) cooks up three times as large a batch as our tapioca, and should have used three times as much water as we did, and it might not have turned into a huge jelled mass!! But we did manage to find a can of cranberry sauce, and introduced our Filipino friends to that particular American Thanksgiving tradition, and they all agreed that it was really good! A special Thank you to the caring and compassionate people who work at the Epeius medical clinic here. They made Thanksgiving day special for us two lonely and homesick Americans, who are missing our family so much at this special holiday time of the year, when we are accustomed to gathering together with our huge extended family. 

And Keaton wants me to add to our thankful list, that he is thankful that our kitchen did not burn down. For those of you who know me, you might not find that a surprising thing to be grateful for, considering as I did manage to cook a whole Thanksgiving meal for a roomful of people,- on my own, - and the kitchen did not burn down, thank you! Now quit laughing so hard, kinfolks of mine, or you're going to hurt yourself!! 

On our list of things to be grateful for, Keaton has been able to open his eye more this week, as well as the fact that the dilation that was fixed is gone, and the eye now responds to light, and he is even able to move his pupil, some, so evidently there will be at least some recovery from his cranial nerve damage - dare we hope for complete recovery?! Only time will tell, they tell us. Things not so thankful for, he has been having increased pain, not sure what is happening with that, but back to the thank you list for increased platelets level - woohoo! 

Thinking of so many of our friends who are dealing with the loss of their beloved children for the first time during this holiday season. We just lost so many kids to the cancer monster this past year, and the times of the year that used to be filled with joy and laughter, is now filled with emptiness and tears of grief, for the families left behind. Even though it is not easy in my own life sometimes, right now, I can only look around at all you wonderful people who are supporting us so lovingly, and across the room, at my son, sharing this day with me, and know that, yes, I am truly thankful for what I do have on this day of thanks.

Thank you for all you do, to everyone reading these words.

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6 Comentarios

Cindy Smith
By Cindy Smith
Keaton will always be in my heart. Thank you for posting this. Prayers and hugs to all of you.
Vickie Reilly
By Vickie Reilly
Such a lifetime ago and yet just a blink. We miss Keaton so much, especially for a kid we never met in "real life"! I pray your holiday season is peaceful and that you find joy in the things Keaton enjoyed. I'm just so sure some critter will cross your path to tell you he is near!

judy mescon
I remain grateful to have you in my life and to have Keaton always in my heart!
Love you,
mom to Jenna
grandmom to Finnley
Candi Dagley Welch
By Candi Dagley Welch
Love you!

Candi, Karly & Lexie
Lynette Walters
By Lynette Walters
This is our first Thanksgiving without Muriel. Last year we made a tablecover with our families handprints in fall color paints knowing that Muriel would not be here this year forward. I couldn't wait to get the tablecover out for Thanksgiving. I ran my hand over everyone of her handprints inked there with every crease of her hand. I knew I couldn't keep her but at least I have this tablecover today.

Reading about Keaton and your Thankgiving made me realize how much Keaton and Muriel were alike. Muriel was the one that helped me cook and even at the worst of times she would say "it is ok Mom, we can just use something else". Like Keaton, Muriel would figure out a substitute for something we didn't have and be fine with it. They were special that is why they were sent to us and to share with the world.
Lynn Duncan
By Lynn Duncan
Heaton was remarkable and is not forgotten.