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Mi historia

This is Keaton’s sister, Katie. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments you have shared with us on this page. They have helped our family during this difficult time. If anyone would like to make contributions to assist with funeral expenses, please do so by making a payment through Paypal.
Keaton is an adventurous 14 year-old. He loves seafood, especially sushi, which is not what a 14 year-old normally craves. He also is fascinated by reptiles. His collection of reptiles includes an iguana, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and a tarantula. We call it Keaton's Zoo.

From a very early age, he was fascinated with animals, specifically reptiles. The minute you talk to him you'll see how vast his knowledge of reptiles truly is. He'll spout out a random fact about a sand boa and he'll talk about the mating rituals of snakes and frogs. We call him our mini-herpetologist.

In March of 2007, Keaton went into the doctor complaining of a pain in his hip. X-rays and scans confirmed that he had osteosarcoma: bone cancer in his upper right femur.

This is his story of triumph over adversity.


karen lee posted a new journal entry, "Lilies for Keaton and Dr. Pete's Birthday".

Happy Birthday, Dr. PeteJust remembering you as usual on yours and Keaton's birth date. Hope all is going well with your new location and practice.I heard from several how ... Lea más

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Happy Birthday Keaton!! We miss you & think of you very often! Karly & family Lea más

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Chills and tears!! That would be my nightmare. It was awful for it to be my husband .. But would have been magnified a billion times if it would have come after one of the ... Lea más

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To MicheleIt's Cinco de MayoWhich always brings the memoryOf Michele and Me With our skinny blond haired boysWe met in the halls of the Children's Cancer HospitalWe ... Lea más

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I took some time today on "Keaton's Day," to remember, to cry, to be mad, and then mostly to pray. For you, Karen, because words will never make it right, for the now way ... Lea más

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I remember Keaton so well... through the adventures you shared with us on CaringBridge.  I also know how the 4 years feels... A lifetime... yet just yesterday.  I don't ... Lea más

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Four years without you, KeatonI was going to write a storyFrom a scene in your lifeSome time before the sky fell inBefore the whole world crumbledI looked through your ... Lea más

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