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Another April 7th

Four years without you, Keaton

I was going to write a story
From a scene in your life
Some time before the sky fell in
Before the whole world crumbled

I looked through your pictures 
On my computer
Little blond haired angel boy
Long lashed eyes stare back at me
Too beautiful to be

Then watch you grow as time passes
Going through each file of photos
Flashing memories on a screen
But each time that I try to hold one
The memory slips into space
The words all disappear

And so I sit unblinking 
As you flash before me on the screen
Rarely without a net or cage
Always searching for your creatures
With your brother by your side
So close you two..halves of a whole
It was so hard for him to let you go

Empty now, I press the button
Screen goes black  the room is dark
Four years now without your light
No words of mine can make it right

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Kimberley Rodriguez
Just tears. So heartbreaking and so real. I know.
We have this hole, a sorrow and a numbing pain that no one can "fix" and it cannot be healed or forgotten or pushed far away, not for long anyway. Because we love them so...
thank you for your words.
Love kim/Shelby's mom
Joan Gillespie
By Joan Gillespie
Beautiful thoughts from your heart.
Vickie Reilly
By Vickie Reilly
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, beautifully written as always. We never forget him or you. This weekend, Jim captured a lizard off our curtain in the family room and hustled it outside. Of course I was freaked, but it did make me smile when I thought of Keaton. Critter Boy always.

Vince's Mom
sandra kleftis
By sandra kleftis
Hugs Karen... Beautiful words...Aching hearts...
Infinite more hugs...
Patty Wilson
Thinking of all of you always. We love you Edward and Patty
Judy Phillips
Dear Karen, I was deeply touched by your beautiful poem about Keaton. Sending you a huge hug. Love, Jude
Karen Andrews
By Karen Andrews
Thinking of you ... it's all so hard :(
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