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Keaton’s Story

This is Keaton’s sister, Katie. Thank you for all of the wonderful comments you have shared with us on this page. They have helped our family during this difficult time. If anyone would like to make contributions to assist with funeral expenses, please do so by making a payment through Paypal.
Keaton is an adventurous 14 year-old. He loves seafood, especially sushi, which is not what a 14 year-old normally craves. He also is fascinated by reptiles. His collection of reptiles includes an iguana, snakes, lizards, turtles, frogs and a tarantula. We call it Keaton's Zoo.

From a very early age, he was fascinated with animals, specifically reptiles. The minute you talk to him you'll see how vast his knowledge of reptiles truly is. He'll spout out a random fact about a sand boa and he'll talk about the mating rituals of snakes and frogs. We call him our mini-herpetologist.

In March of 2007, Keaton went into the doctor complaining of a pain in his hip. X-rays and scans confirmed that he had osteosarcoma: bone cancer in his upper right femur.

This is his story of triumph over adversity.

Latest Journal Update


I didn't post on April 7th this year.
Just didn't.
Half a decade..five years does not seem possible.
After time stops, the way it does for a parent when the heart of their child stops, it never flows the same way again. A part of us is forever stuck in that moment with our child, holding on to that last second of time we had them with us. A part of us is forever missing. Our world can never be the same.
But time goes on. Even if differently.
We still go on.We live and love and laugh..even if differently.
A broken heart, unlike a broken clock, keeps beating, ticking off the moments of time.
But time is different.


The Azaleas
Were blooming Pink
Outside my kitchen window
And I brewed my coffee
Reveling in the Pink
Of the bright spring blossoms
I picked up your coffee cup
The one with the rainforest frog
Which has the color change effect
That stares from the mug
Dark green when it's cold
But the heat of the coffee
Turns the frog bright Pink
I noticed as I sipped
The rim was chipped
And a feeling of dismay
Flashed through my head
As it does these days
Whenever one more
Tangible evidence of you
Goes out of my life
Slowly the material proof
Of your existence
Fades from my life
Leaving only a
Cloudy mirror of memories
A still collage of photographs
But sometimes the reality of you
Bursts through
And the anguish
Pierces my heart anew
That you are not beside me
Admiring the Pink Of April flowers
And sometimes I still cry
In the morning
The echoes of my sobs
Mixing with the singing of the birds
That perch on the branches
Of the bright Pink azalea bush
As I gaze out my window
With tear colored eyes
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Lee Ann Eurs
By Lee Ann Eurs
Karen, though time has passed, I think of you, and of Keaton often. My son Evan (osteo '08) is preparing to go off to college. I am keenly aware of how very fortunate we are that he is here, and beginning this new journey. As statistics go, we could be in reverse positions. I will never come close to understanding the how's and why's of this life. I just want to express that Keaton will not be forgotten. I will never forget him, or you, and will never stop deeply caring about your loss. My heartfelt hugs to you. Your writing as always is exquisite. Thank you for sharing it.
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Lynn Duncan
By Lynn Duncan, Fountain Valley, CA
Thanks for the beautiful post and beautiful/sad reminder of such a unique son. Keaton was one of my first Caringbridge losses. They don't ever become easy, but I certainly remember Keaton's face and your travels and the people you met while hoping he could be cured to stay with you and all his beloved creatures.
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Avis Fortner
By Avis Fortner
Always loved ! Always missed! Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem!
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