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By Cindy Fowler — Mar 30, 2014 3:24pm
As I think about celebrating my granddaughters' birthday next week I can't help thinking about April 7,2010.   That day was both happy and sad for me.  After a long and hard pregnancy, my daughter was in labor with our first granddaughter.  Just a few hours before her delivery we learned that we had lost our Keaton.  We tried to keep the news from Angela, but Keaton's spirit was too strong.  Some how she just knew.  We learned later there had been problems during delivery.  I am thankful that we had our own guardian angel
.  I miss Keaton's smile, his knowledge of all the creatures and his spunky personality.  Although my Naomi never met her cousin, I see her smile and enthusiasm for life and I know that Keaton and my Mom and Dad are watching her and smiling.  April 7 will always be both a happy and sad day.  One life ended, but another life was given.  I love you Keaton.  Keaton came from a large family who loves and misses him.  I find comfort in knowing that his pain is gone.  l will always have a special place in my heart for our Keaton.  He brought happiness to the world that will never go away.