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Kaylee’s Story

 My name is Kayee Carlson, I am 13 years old. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on 7/5/12. It all start with a large bump on my calf muscle. My mom, dad, and I thought that it was just a pulled muscle or a knot in my leg so we did what anyone else would do we iced it and we also put heat packs on it. I had it for few weeks and then it went way and came back a few days later the pain was more severe and the bump was larger. So I went in to Cambridge Medical Center and they took an x-ray and it was blurry up by my Fibula. They did another test and thought it was cancer. So then they referred us down to Children's Hospital where they did other testing and did a biospy and confirmed that I had cancer.

Latest Journal Update

3 Month Update

Kaylee had her three month scans last week and the results came back that she is still cancer free. She will be checked again in another three months. She has recently started volleyball again and gives it her all to rebuild the endurance she once had as the competitive athlete she is. She stays positive while trying to rebuild that endurance that the cancer and treatments took from her. We are so proud of her. Love you Kaylee, you truly amaze me everyday.