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My Story

 My name is Kayee Carlson, I am 13 years old. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on 7/5/12. It all start with a large bump on my calf muscle. My mom, dad, and I thought that it was just a pulled muscle or a knot in my leg so we did what anyone else would do we iced it and we also put heat packs on it. I had it for few weeks and then it went way and came back a few days later the pain was more severe and the bump was larger. So I went in to Cambridge Medical Center and they took an x-ray and it was blurry up by my Fibula. They did another test and thought it was cancer. So then they referred us down to Children's Hospital where they did other testing and did a biospy and confirmed that I had cancer.


Debbie Carlson signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Yippie skippie..reading thru the posts and all you've gone thru what courage and strength you have! The support and prayers from friends and family too. To your mom for ... Read more

Brenda Anderson signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Yay!!!! We celebrate with you on the completion of this chapter! We can't wait to hear what the next chapter brings for you!  Today is Good Friday and it certainly is a ... Read more

Kaylee Carlson posted a new journal entry.

Today is Kaylee's last chemo!!!! So proud of her for staying strong and positive through this chapter in her life. In April she will have more scans to make sure the ... Read more

Jacque Sayotovich signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Yipppppppeeeeeeee!!!  Last time!!  You are a shining example of how I pray I will behave if ever I have to go through something so difficult.  You have handled this ... Read more

Eileen Carlson signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Hi Kaylee and Family:  This is your last chemo on Friday. I'll bet you can't wait for it to be over. Looking forward to going back to school in a big way. Just remember ... Read more

Kaylee Carlson posted a new journal entry.

Kaylee's treatment is going well. She has been sleeping a lot during this round of chemo. She has met with PT and they are very amazed at her progress with her mobility. ... Read more

Marian Eklund signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Hi Kaylee,  Sorry to hear about the "bump in the road."  Remember that angels are watching over you; and soon the "road" will be straight again.  ... Read more

Brenda Anderson signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Good morning Kaylee! Second to the last!!! Yippee! Praying it all goes well and that you feel good through it all. The end of this chapter in your life is just a few ... Read more

Alisha Eklund signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Hi kaylee I know I have not wrote for a while,I hope all is well with you and been thinking of you also lots prayers to you also and also have tried your mom cell phone ... Read more

Jacque Sayotovich signed Kaylee's Guestbook.

Good morning you superstars you =) I want to tell you just because I don't write often does not mean you are not in my prayers and on my heart all the time.  I am ... Read more

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