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Kaya’s Story

My niece, Kaya Kavadas was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia called T-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She receives her treatments/medical care at the MeritCare hospital and Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, ND with Dr. Nathan Kobrinsky & staff.

All of her many family & friends are pulling for her having high hopes that she will be strong & pull through with God's help.

Kaya started talking out of the side of her mouth about a month ago (middle of January). We also noticed that she couldn't close her right eye all the way. The doctors told us she had Bells Palsy and it would go away in 10 days to 7 months.

Then her arm went numb and Altru had an MRI done on Kaya. It was normal and she was sent home, still being unknown as to what was wrong. Her arm started feeling better, but than she started having problems with her leg. She was unable to walk very far without limping/dragging her leg so we brought her back in to the ER.

As time went by Kaya's face started getting puffy, she started not being able to eat and could only drink through a straw. She also seemed to have a bad cold that just wouldn't go away. She went back to the doctor again and again and again - 1 said she had Bells Palsey, another a virus, and ENT that said she had the mumps and would be okay in a week to 10 days. The neurologist saw her and said "this is not the same little girl - there is something seriously wrong here!" He had us go to Altru Hospital right away. Altru did a spinal tap that came back normal however the x-ray showed a large mass in her chest.

Kaya was transported to MeritCare by ambulance last night (feb. 15) at about 9-10 at night. She was sedated and is now on a breathing tube/life support. She was found to have a large tumor over her heart, a swollen liver and spleen, with her kidneys failing. Chemo treatments have already begun, and we are hopeful that she will be off oxygen by Sun-Mon, depending on when and how much the tumor on her heart goes down so she can breath. Doctors are also hopeful that she will be in remission by the middle of March. We have been given a 70% chance of recovery.

All of Kaya's supporters appreciate and ask for your prayers at this very difficult time.

Latest Journal Update


Kaya had been taking medications for her focal epilepsy for a good two years. Recently, she was taken off the medications because she was doing so well and all of her sleep deprived EEG's appeared normal. This morning Kaya had a seizure. She said that it hurt a lot before losing the ability to speak until the episode was over. Apparently, Kaya has been having seizures at night but she doesn't remember much of the seizures except for the very beginning, so she'd forgotten to tell her parents. So it's scary and poor honey shouldn't have to go through this, but looks like Kaya will be being put back on her medications to prevent any further seizure incidents. I will update if any further information is given to me and thanks in advance for all the thoughts and prayers!

Auntie Krissy