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Katie- Valentine's Day!

A friend, Alan Burger reached out to us, and reminded me how long it has been since I have updated Katie's page. 

This winter we have been fighting illnesses with Katie back to back it seems for 2-3 week stretches to include a viral rash. She is doing much better now. The good news is she is growing and developing. 

I lost my job on December 13, 2012 and Katie lost ABA for awhile. We were able to finally get that started up again last Thursday with basic ABA services with a BCBA. The new insurance guidelines since I lost "ECHO"  meant that I must have the actual BCBA doing her services. We finally found her though and she (Shawn) is wonderful! after 4 visits Katie loves her, which is so nice.

Katie loves her new IPAD as well. she is enjoying the sound and turns it up at full blast each time she gets it. We turn it down, she turns it up. We can tell she missed the sound. She also I am sure is happy it doesn't freeze up anymore. We still ahve the old broken one. Does anyone have any recommendations for non-profits that except IPADs that need repair?

Things Katie is doing now:
o Turning lights on and off entering and leaving a room
o opening doors and items that have a safety feature on them
o choosing what she wants to wear when given an option
o Flying through IPAD. She can now navigate the different windows of the IPAD and can choose her own videos to watch (of which she has several to choose from now)
o NOT chewing on her glasses anymore
o mimicking motions for songs like things like wheels on the bus and twinkle twinkle. 
o waving goodbye (but this is still difficult for her)
o Talker advancements
  o asking to go to sleep at night
  o picking up new people (like her ABA therapist- had with two times shown)
  o asking for different foods, drinks, TV shows
  o manners such as saying hello, how are you, thank you, and goodbye (she had please down right away)  she mostly does these when prompted, but still, she knows where and how to ask. 
o  bringing the talker with her from room to room (realizing it is her voice)
o understanding patterning
o playing better with others, not quite grasped sharing yet, but she is watching kids and better about waiting and turntaking. slowly she is choosing activities that are intended for multiple children than solo activities. So slowly she is tolerating her peers in her environment and slowly starting to interact with the, 
o will color/draw lines when asked and not eating the crayons anymore
o sitting to watch entire TV episodes, and sometimes another w/o getting up to find another activity
o asking for help on talker or her sign language when she needs our help

o Going up and down stairs without holding the handrail and sometimes holding objects
o unzipping her jacket
o taking off her clothes to include pants, shirt and diapers (if she does not have a onesie on backwards)
o jumping very well. working the trampoline has given her great strength and balance in her left leg
o getting in and out of her own bed
o starting to use her left hand to stabilize something to open a zipper to get something inside she wants

and so much more! I am sure I am forgetting some stuff!

Happy Valentine's Day all from Katie!