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Katie is growing and learning imitations

Katie is learning to imitate us, which helps give us hope to learn more sign language.  She is starting to try to use the sign help and get us to imitate her hands  (open, closed, forward, to the face, numbers ect). We love this imitation. Waving hello and goodbye are still difficult, but she is learning slowly.

Katie has some issues at home, and has resisted not using her talker sometimes. Heather said it's akin to a toddler refusing to say hello when you tell them too. We are working through these issues with ABA (which is amazing!)

Also- thanks to everyone who has helped with Katie's IPAD./ If possible, and you have a moment. Would you click this link and clickl like. The more likes, the more it will be seen by others and have the chance to get more donations. our goal is $600-$700 to get the IPAD and case