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Katie needs a new IPAD

Katie is doing great, but she had many signs of another disorder called Autism. Eye averting, not really wanting to be touched, lacking social skills, and non verbal. We went though the process (six months) and was diagnosed with One of the things that has been great for Katie is her IPAD 1.  We use her IPAD for so many things. It has a photo book of us she can scroll through, apps for her to learn from, a great positive reinforcign tool.  We use it to 'tell her' about things we about to do like on 'ischedule' and it has an Augg comm app, but that is not it's sole use. We do have another talker to be her voice. 

But Katie's IPAD is broken. Katie is young and imbalanced with Aicardi Syndrome and the Hemispherectomy causing something called Hemiparisis- a weakness on the left side. It has a stroke like 'look'. Falling and dropping the IPAD over the past 3 years, and her excessive drooling, have taken it's toll. It is still somewhat functional, but the sound is gone, and will only reappear spatically. The button is starting to stick, and the IPAD freezes up alot. The right side is bulging from the dropping. 

Unfortunately, we are not able to purchase an IPAD at this time. We are a one income family, and my job is ending on 30 Sep, 2012. We will use it till it is on it's last legs, but Katie is getting more and more frustrated with it's sound not function and it's freezing up. 

I made a fundraising site to help defer the costs or purchase a new one. No pressure, but if you are able to help, that would be great. Any help you could provide- $1 would be great towards the purchase of an IPAD 3 for Katie and a durable case to make it last against her dropping and drooling.