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Katie and her Augg Comm device

Katie is doing so well using her Augg comm device we call 'The Talker' . there are photos of her first Haircut too! She did so well. She
went in and used her talker to say 'Hi' , 'My name is Katie'
and 'This is my talker, it helps me speak' when she arrived, and
Goodbye when she left. They ladies were cooing all
over her.  Also the kids loved her at the Sip and Play. They wanted to
play on her talker, but we told them that is her voice.
seemed to understand and watched Katie and her talker while she was
there. Here are some pics, and videos of Katie and her new Elmo Chair
and with her talker.

Her real device si 8 weeks out (missing a part) we are real lucky to have this loaner from one of Katie's AS Sisters while we wait for it.