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Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

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Today's Inspiration: Lord God, Whose might is over all the world, over heaven and over earth, we want to find strength in You. For You have given us thousands of proofs that You are with us; helping in all that happens - ordering our steps in alignment with Your Most Perfect Will. And when we meet with difficulties, we want all the more to find strength in You. We want all the more to hope in You and await Your victory. Let Your light shine into EVERYTHING - in life and in death. For Yours is the kingdom, the power, and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Dearest friends and family - Prayer Warriors near and far,

What a wonderful week Katie has had! From Ryan's birthday to Katie's birthday to Dad's birthday ... This month of Diabetes Awareness has been filled with big victories and an incredible solidarity in care and cause! Thanks be to God!

Katie's weekdays are jammed pack with various sessions of physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. The folks at HW are very supportive of our prayers and mission for Katie's full function, restoration and recovery. Everyone has been very caring and attentive towards Katie and all her needs.

We are thrilled to report that this South Bend location has provided better visiting opportunities for Katie's SMC and ND families - especially her Belles, her NDWBB peeps, and her friends from UND athletics. It is so great to see people in Katie's "every day life" spend time with her. We are her immediate family; they are her every day family. Therefore, they are able to offer those daily normalcies and everyday voices that can act as triggers for Katie's brain. Plus, we appreciate them sharing Katie with us! They have become OUR family, too! God is good. Amen!

Katie is doing really well. Her left arm looks normal. The swelling from the IV mishap has finally subsided. Amen! The regularity and aggressiveness of Katie's therapies have decreased the level of contraction in both of Katie's arms. It is fantastic to see Katie's arms laying across her body in a more normal and relaxed posture. Amen!

Katie is in normal lounge clothes every day, which we love to see! She gets showers twice a week, which is wonderful for normal activity and sensation - things that act as triggers for her.

Katie's PT said she was for sure Katie was about to yell at her the other day during their session. Then, the following day while Brady was visiting, Katie made a sound that wasn't a moan or a groan, but the resemblance of the R sound. Luckily Mom got it on camera. Can you even imagine how many times we have listened to it and cried?! We say it all the time, but we are all the more confident that Katie's words are getting closer and closer. Let us continue to pray in agreement for Jesus to command and help Katie to speak. Amen!

The healing and recovery process is a wild adventure. The brain is complex and a mystery. Nevertheless, in all things we continue to trust in God and walk hand-in-hand with The Most Holy Trinity. God is at work! Numbers may fluctuate, nights may be rough, arms and legs may do some funky movements - but Katie Schwab is alive and well!

Here we are in Week 24. Katie is getting better with each day - slowly, but steadily. And while she must focus on healing, restoration and recovery The Holy Spirit calls the rest of us to focus on advocacy in education, solidarity in cause, and most importantly the unity of love and agreement in prayer! Amen! What a great opportunity to grow as a community of believers!

Throughout all of November, Sarah's school - Saint Matthew's - has hosted several events in awareness, education, and fundraising. We appreciate the hard work of these junior high students who have rallied behind Katie and Type One Diabetes!

On Sunday, November 23rd, NDWBB is hosting #TeamKATIE Day with a focus on Type One Diabetes Awareness and Education. They have included Katie in their "Strong & True" web video series. They have invited The Fam to attend - court side - the NDWBB game. They are showcasing their committnent to Katie, their NDWBB Type One Diabetic. They are sharing their world - Katie's world - with us.

We are humbled to be invited to share in such a tremendous event highlighting such a close to our hearts cause. Equally, it is a story we get to share with Katie whose role is a behind the scenes kind of role. We know how surprised she will be learning that her story and journey is the front scene. It is amazing! Another example of God's Glory! Amen!

On Monday, November 24th, Katie's Alma Mater, Saint Mary's College is hosting an Open Mic Night to raise awareness and funds for Diabetes. Also, this month and into December, SMC is sponsoring a couple fundraising activities and big events - like dinner with the Saint Mary's College President! We love the Belles and are so grateful for their embracing of Katie - one of their own. Amen!

So much is going on...so much light, life and love in the midst of hardship and struggle. It is amazing! There is no room for despair or doubt in the midst of such great hope and love! What a wonderful journey this is! Thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you for loving Katie and believing in God's miracles. Thank you for praying with us - for Katie and for her full function, restoration and recovery of all things Katie - in mind, brain, body, life and spirit. In Jesus's Name, we pray. Amen!

God's blessings on all of you, every day!

The Schwabs

PS: Please check out these two links or visit the NDWBB website.

1. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1491149721163015&id=100008040047770

2. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1491150387829615&id=100008040047770
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Susan Melvin
By Susan Melvin
Praying every day for Katie and her family! Prayers for continued progress and strength.
Luci Ault
By Luci Ault:)
Prays to Katie and the entire Schwab Family!!! I love you Miss Schwab and I can't wait to meet Katie as soon as she is better! Go Team Katie!!! #PrayingforKatie #TeamKatie #SchwabNation
Rachel Walker
By Rachel Walker
Thinking about you and praying every day! Katie, your fight really has inspired me and my struggle with diabetes- taking better care of myself and wanting to spread more awareness! So much love for you and your family!! Blessings
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Anna Walton
By Walton Family
Thanks so much for the update. We join with you in continual prayers in union with Jesus. Big hugs to you all!
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Rhonda Colegrove
By Rhonda Colegrove
Prayers continue for Katie and the Schwab family!
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RhondA Hacker
By Rhonda
Thrilled to hear that Katie is doing so well! I truly believe in my heart that God will provide full recovery for Katie! Continued love and prayers.

Rhonda Hacket
1 person hearted this
So happy to hear your friends are closer, bless them. Praying for you always.
Miss you, love you, Jim
Margaret  Reid
By Margaret
Praying for continued "light. life and love" as you all and Katie continue on this journey to full recovery.
JoAnn Smith
By Jo Ann Smith
It is so gratifying to hear that our Katie is doing so well with her therapy!!!! I watched the video of the interview with Sarah, and she did very well !!! I was tearing up with her when she was talking about finding Katie!!! It was a wonderful tribute to her!!!! I continue to pray, offer masses, and light candles at the Blessed Mother's altar, for Katie's full recovery and restoration of her mind, brain, voice, spirit, and life!!! I pray for strength for all of you!!! Katie, FIGHT LIKE A CHAMPION, TODAY AND EVERY DAY!!!!! Loving thoughts for all!!!!!!!