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3/27/2015 Friday Update

Today's Inspiration: "Whatever you ask for in prayer WITH FAITH, you will receive." - Matthew 21:22

Padre Pio said: "Prayer is the best weapon we possess. It is the key that opens the heart of God." Saint Padre Pio, pray for us and intercede and advocate on Katie's behalf for biblical proportion miracles of full recovery and restoration of all things Katie Schwab. Amen.

Lord increase our faith, increase our prayer. In Jesus' Most Holy Name, we pray. Amen.

Dearest Prayer Warriors for Katie, we bid you happy greetings of peace in these final days of Lent as we celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Joseph, the Feast of The Annunciation - our Blessed Mother's perfect example of surrender and trust in God's Will, and the Feast Day of Saint Gemma.

There are exciting things to share, so let us jump right into this update.

1. The Healing Prayer Team from Little Flower Catholic Church has embraced Katie and our family with such generosity and kindness. Like all of you, they have accepted the stirring of The Holy Spirit and committed themselves to Katie's journey of God's Glory. The Lord utilizes their profound ministry as an instrument of His healing, His strength, and His love. We are witnesses of God's incredible works. Amen!

2. Katie's wound sore is almost completely healed. It gets better by the day! Katie's Wound Care Team is very pleased with her skin repairing progress. Thanks be to God! Let us continue to pray for God's protection of Katie's skin. Amen!

3. Katie was visited by an eye doctor this week. His report:

Glasses - R 550 / L 375.
Eyes - R 375 / L 275.
? EsRec'd - R 300 / L 200.

Summary: The tests seem
to show Katie's eyes to be in
good shape and condition as well as free from diseases and illnesses. Her eyesight is a foot (12") from her. This doctor doesn't recommend her glasses to be worn at this time because of the strength. He said they could cause her more stress when she would be wearing them, which could add to the stress she may already be experiencing from her present conditions.

Let us pray for the intercession of Saint Lucy for Katie's eyes and vision. May God protect Katie's eyes and eyesight. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen.

4. Today, Katie was fitted for a customized more Katie-friendly wheelchair. We consider this to be another small step of victory as the goal of this new chair is to twofold. First, it should be more appropriately sized for Katie, which will increase her comfort. Secondly, it should be therapeutic in terms of alignment, ranges of motion, and extremity mobility and control. Another phase of this chair customization process will take place in late April.

5. Katie had some temperature fluctuations this past weekend, but as the week has progressed, her temperatures have returned to "normal" ranges. Amen.

6. Same goes for Katie's blood sugar...As Type Oners everywhere know, drastic sugar number jumping is serious business. Katie has had some blood glucose number fluctuations, but insulin timing has improved and those numbers have stabilized again. Amen! Saint Josemaria Escriva, pray for us and intercede and advocate on Katie's behalf. Amen.

7. Katie continues with a daily OT, PT, and ST routine. She also receives massage therapy when available to her. These sessions are undoubtedly intense. Katie works hard and her Therapy Care Team works even harder. They are in her healing corner, for sure! The most exciting ST news of the day is that Katie had another round of applesauce! Yay! Amen! And as for OT and PT, Katie's Botox shots to help her neck seem to be aiding her progress. Additionally, Katie's legs and arms are becoming more relaxed and less (and less) contracted. Amen!

8. Some super exciting news on the #TeamKatie front is this:

On Katie's behalf, our family has been invited to participate in prayer with Ivan Dragicevic, a visionary and chosen instrument of ministry for God through The Blessed Mother. Ivan is one of the visionaries of the Apparitions and Miracles of Medjugorje. So this Saturday, March 28th - The Vigil of Palm Sunday and Holy Week - a couple of us will travel to Cleveland to further witness God's Glory. We have been invited to bring prayer requests. Therefore, if any Katie Prayer Warrior has intentions that you wish for us to place before our Lord and The Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary our Blessed Mother, please feel free to email us at JMASchwab@hotmail.com. We would be honored to carry your intentions with us and present them on your behalf.

To learn more about Medjugorje please visit this website:


9. The best news is definitely saved for last in this update.

Tonight, Dad wrote: "03/26/2015 Thursday at 08:33 PM: "OH GOD! Mom, Mom, Mom."

He added: "That was what our Katie uttered while l was texting Ryan. I turned and looked at
her, and she was looking at
me. What a surprise!"

With an overjoyed heart and eyes filled with tears of gratitude, we asked that he clarify his comment. Dad, did Katie just talk? Did she speak?

Dad wrote back saying: "Uttered. - Said the words clear and plain enough that it was understandable without a question. She just threw it out there at me. I was just texting Ryan at the time, and it took me by surprise. The way l heard her say it is the way l wrote it. I looked at her, and she was
looking in my direction. She said it, and l didn't have a question of what she said. It was there for me to hear, and l was surprised and overjoyed by what she did in being able to say something."

Let us pause for praise and thanksgiving!

As we close, let us be steadfast and firm in faith. God asks us to pray, to hope, to trust, and to surrender. And dearest family and friends, that is exactly what we will do! All praise and thanksgiving to God! Amen!

Prayer to St. Gemma asking for her intercession: Oh holy Gemma, I am near you, help me to pray. You who know what I and those near me need; look after my urgent needs and my spiritual and material wants. You take care of them! I confide in you and entrust all to your loving care. Offer up to Jesus that tender and constant care that you bore Him here on earth. Oh holy Gemma, you who physically suffered all the pains of the Passion of Jesus, I beseech of you the grace to meditate on and live the Passion of Jesus, and the sufferings of Holy Mary. Pray that I will be able to walk in the path of humility, simplicity, love and sacrifice, fulfilling at all times and in all ways, the holy will of God. Let me live united with Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and you, for all eternity. Amen.

With tears of joy and praise, we remain gratefully yours,
The Schwabs


Ps: Congratulations to our Notre Dame Irish Women's and Men's basketball programs! You are Katie's people, so we all know how thrilled and how proud she is of these March Madness victories! Keep it up, ND! Go Irish! National Championships (plural) victory bouND!
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By Jim
John, What great news! I'm so happy you were there to hear Katie.
Love & prayers always.
JoAnn Smith
By Jo Ann Smith
Well everything sounds good!!! Baby steps!! Of course #9 made me tear up for sure!!! I am glad John was there to hear her!!! I'm sorry that Tammy was in Ironton!! Prayers continue for Katie, and for all the family and caregivers!!! And Katie girl, keep FIGHTING LIKE A CHAMPION!!!!! You can do it!!! Sending love!!!
Susan Melvin
By Susan Melvin
Continuing the prayers for Katie and her family!
RhondA Hacker
By Rhonda
What joyous news. The news of her speaking multiple words is the best news I' be heard since tnhe day Sarah was placed with Katie to help save her! Glory to God. We love Katie and the family. Way to go Katie ,- what a victory for you. We" re continuing to pray for you
Anna Walton
By Walton Fam.
Thanks be to God for all His many blessings! We are praying for Katie for as long as she needs us. We will walk this journey with her and for her as best as we can. Walton Prayer Warriors still on duty!
MaryLee Kennedy
By MaryLee Kennedy
We continue in prayer for Katie here in Arizona
Marguerite Miller
By Marguerite
What a wonderful miracle that Katie uttered her first words! Glory to God! Prayers continue from Omaha.
Blessings to the entire Schwab clan in this Lenten season.
Trena Haynes
By Trena Haynes
Wonderful news! Unceasing prayers here for Katie!! <3 <3 <3
Stan Cherry
By Stan Cherry
What a blessing to read of the advancements Katie is making. Will continue to drench you in prayers.