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Katie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

5/17/2015 Sunday Update

Today's Inspiration: Happy Feast of The Ascension of Jesus into Heaven! From today's Gospel we read and hear: "They will lay hands on the sick. They will recover."

Dearest TeamKATIE members and Katie Prayer Warriors near and far - greetings of peace to all of you - our family, our friends and strangers alike,

We offer this update to let you know that God's Glory is at hand through the promise and power of The Holy Spirit, our Divine Advocate and The Person of Love in The Most Holy Trinity. That is what today's Mass empowers us to hold onto - this mystery of faith. More importantly, today's Mass prepares us for the significance of next Sunday's celebration of The Pentecost. The beginning of The Christian Church!

Now, how does any of this "church stuff" fit into the journey of Katie Schwab? Well, her healing, recovery and restoration journey IS the work of The Lord. This journey of faith and family is a journey of conversion and love - just as Jesus reveals Himself during the forty days after Easter, just as Jesus reveals God's majesty and glory at The Ascension, just as the new covenant of love is solidified in the birth of The Church through the Descent of The Holy Spirit - Katie's story is God's story. We, dear friends are the 2015 witnesses to God's work and glory in our lives. We are called just as the Apostles and first disciples of Jesus were called. God calls us to Him. He calls us to believe - to stand in wonder and awe; and then, we are called to have the courage to share The Good News of Salvation, to bear good fruit, and to build God's Kingdom on Earth - for the conversion and salvation of souls.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, in the midst of the the midst of unexplainable the midst of suffering and hardship - confusion, pain, loss...How can we look to The Cross or look to The Empty Tomb or look to The Blessed Sacrament and increase in faith, hope and love as true believers and faithful followers? Why should we?

We can and we should because of the promises given to us by Jesus in The Gospels! Jesus gives us a share in His power through The Holy Spirit. It is our time and our turn to offer ourselves and our lives in total surrender to, and trust in, God so that we become better stewards, stronger builders of the Kingdom, finer tuned instruments of God's love and bearers of increased good fruits.

This is what Katie Schwab's journey is for God - an instrument of faith, family, and conversion - for HIS GLORY!

Seven years ago today, Katie was first diagnosed with Type One Diabetes. She fell into a Diabetic coma. She was given a five percent chance of "making it". She made it then; she will make it now - according to God's Will!

Katie woke up in 2008. Her life had changed, so had ours. She was a Diabetic Type Oner.

Six years later, here we are because of Type One Diabetes. Katie's life has changed, so has ours. Change, dear friends, is what conversion is all about; it can make or break any test of faith.

June 8th (2015) will be Katie's one year anniversary of her insulin pump malfunctioning which we conclude is the catalyst to the series of events and decisions that forced her into seizure activity and a medically induced coma with the diagnosis of traumatic brain injury.

What you may not recall is that June 8th of last year (2014) was Pentecost Sunday. If ever a story connected to The Holy Spirit - this is the one!

Today, we celebrate The Ascension. Next Sunday is Pentecost Sunday (2015). We invite you to pray with us by saying novenas and prayers in preparation for The Descent of The Holy Spirit.

Over the last couple months, Katie's journey has reached places and lives that ripple effect far beyond our little family and even beyond the SMC and ND families. Healing stories of hope and faith pour into our lives - not because we search for them, but because The Holy Spirit stirs people's hearts to reach out to us and remind us that God is at the center of this entire journey. More and more Saints cross our paths and enter our prayers. Other Type Oner families share their stories and support. Other Brain Injury families share their stories and support. Other miracle healings of God families share their stories and support.

This is what THE CHURCH IS! This is WHO WE ARE as members of The Body of Christ.

We are called. We have been named and chosen; and our name is Christian. We are the many parts of THE ONE BODY.

Today, we asked and invited you to join us in an hour of Adoration of The Blessed Sacrament. Healing Prayer Teams and Ministires throughout our country and Poland, France and Italy have instructed us to CLAIM Katie's miracle healing and recovery. And that is exactly what we do in The Most Holy Name of Jesus! Therefore, when you are in Adoration for Katie's intentions - pray in thanksgiving and praise. God has heard our prayers. He is in the process of responding in perfect accord with His time and will. Let us offer our gratitude and praise, together. Thank you for The Holy Spirit who lives and reigns now and forever with The Father and The Son, One God! Amen.

Specific news about Kate:

1. Her wound sore is healing so well! Week-by-week there is great progress as her skin repairs and restores with no issue. Amen!

2. Speech therapy has expressed that Katie had a good week! In fact, her spoon menu this week included: lemonade, applesauce and milk!

3. Katie continues to make sounds and shows an increase in these sounds as she appears to be reacting and responding to various stimuli.

4. PT and OT were a little lackluster this past week; however, her therapists continue to work hard with her to increase flexibility and range of motion. Please continue to prayer for Katie - for her muscles and her movements.

5. Yesterday, May 16th, during a Healing Prayer Team visit with our new friends from Little Flower Catholic Church, Katie distinctly MOUTHED the phrase "I love you." Two of the prayer team members witnessed this; Thanks be to God! Alleluia!

Prayer power. Conversion. Return to prayer. Return to The Sacraments. Return to Mass. Forgiveness in families. Vigilant prayer. Increased faith. Openness to The Spirit. THESE ARE THE GIFTS YOU OFFER GOD FOR KATIE, and our heartfelt gratitude will never be enough to repay you, nor will it be adequate enough to express thank you.


God bless each and everyone of you - your lives and your families.

Tests of faith daily bombard every one of us. Let us hold onto faith, hope and love - together and for each other - for with and in and through God ALL things ARE possible.

With thanksgiving and praise, here's to miracles - the truest source of conversion. Amen!

Peace and love from our family to you and yours,
The Schwabs

Remember, ducks fly together. Quack.
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RhondA Hacker
By Rhonda — last edited
What great news to report! Continued prayer and faith that God is in control and IS taking care of Katie! I pray today that Katie Schwab will return to her Notre Dame team with renewed health and Inspiration to all who have faithfully kept the prayer vigil and those in the future that will hear her story! I think God is planning on using Katie in the near future in a powerful way! God Bless you Katie! We love you.

The Hackers
Stan Cherry
By Stan Cherry
What a great post. God is in control.
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Susan Melvin
By Susan Melvin
Continuing the prayers for Katie, her family, friends and caregivers.
JoAnn Smith
By Jo Ann Smith
Continued prayers for Katie's full and complete restoration!!!!! I hope to see you this weekend!!!!
Ruth Boll
By Ruth Boll
Carol and I made it to adoration from 5-6 pm tonight. God bless you all.