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Katie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

10/21/2014 Tuesday Update

For Caring Bridge:


Compassionate St. Anthony, you are called the "Miracle Worker" by those who have been blessed by your special friendship. We ask you to look with favor on (Katie Schwab) who is ill and fighting for restoration and full recovery of mind, body, life and spirit. Great St. Anthony, come to the assistance of (Katie). Obtain for her health in mind and body, and the strength to accept all suffering in union with Christ, our Savior. Loving St. Anthony, console all those who are afflicted, and guide them to the heart of the Divine Physician, where they will obtain compassion, mercy and hope. We ask all this in Jesus' Most Holy Name...Amen!

Peace and blessings of The Lord to everyone! Hello to all!

All things considered, it has been a good and steady week for Katie. Thanks be to God!

Katie looks good and has been very active in her movements of her arms and legs. Katie is still lifting herself up off the bed - three to four inches high - at her lower back, hips, and buttocks. These are movements that SHE IS MAKING ON HER OWN for REASONS OF HER OWN! How awesome and wonderful is that? Clearly, Katie is increasingly uncomfortable and is trying with all of her might to reposition her body and get comfortable. But even in this temporary hardship for our dear baby sister, we say: Wow! Simply amazing! All praise and glory to God! Keep it up, Kate! Amen!

Katie has had some really good days. Her vitals and numbers have been fairly consistent and in good ranges. She has been stretching a lot in her therapy sessions. The wound nurse said that her skin looks great. Katie's care team feels that she is increasing in sounds and on the verge of a word. Katie has spent ample and almost daily time in her therapy chair. And today, she held her back/neck/head up on her own while in the chair! Praise The Lord!

There is much for which to offer thanksgiving! The count is immeasurable! All praise and glory to God. Amen!

That stated, we remain in need of prayers because Katie has the worst UTInfection that we have ever seen. The level of pain expressed on Kate's face coupled with the severity of her body's reaction to this pain is beyond anything we have seen from her at any point over the last 19 weeks. She is on an antibiotic, and we are prayerful for an increase in fluids to help combat this infection and the pain associated with it. We ask for your continued prayers. Please note, the expression of facial emotion and bodily reaction is a great victory, but the severity of her pain is overwhelmingly gut wrenching. Jesus, help Katie. Amen.

As for our search for the next phase in Katie's recovery and restoration journey, things are in process. Not an easy process - mind you, but we continue to choose trust in God and His unfailing help. We know that God is at work and in His love and mercy He knows all needs and is intervening in getting Katie the best care and the right facility for her journey.

Currently, Katie is still at Regency Hospital in Portage, Indiana. This has been a wonderful place for Katie. There has been consistency in her medical care team as well as her quality of care team. They are wonderful to Katie and to us. We would love to be able to stay with Regency until Katie is able to meet the criteria for the rehabilitation facility that she desperately needs and that which we want for her.

Unfortunately, insurance has various mandates and requirements that are beyond any of our control. Katie is considered to be only tolerating her therapy versus actively participating in her therapy. The Neuro rehab places we have contacted have rejected us because of Katie not meeting their three hours of therapy requirement.

As previously mentioned, since rehab facilities are not accepting Katie, the next level of care - according to insurance - is a skilled nursing facility (a nursing home). The SNFacilities that we have contacted have rejected Katie due to her age. So...what next?

These realities call each of us to prayer. Moreover, we are reminded of the need for total surrender to The Lord. God takes care of everything - every detail, if and when we let Him. So through the intervention of The Most Holy Trinity coupled with the intercession of St. Anrhony, we expectantly await - with great hope - the securing of the right place for Katie's care as it will align with God's plan for her full functionality, restoration, and recovery of brain, mind, body, normalcy, life and spirit. Amen!

In closing, please accept our continued and heartfelt gratitude for your vigilance and constancy of support and prayers up to this our 19th week journey of faith and healing. Thank you for offering up Masses and Adoration times for Katie's needs and intentions. Thank you for your cards, emails, calls, and text messages. Thank you for loving Katie and praying with us in agreement as believers for her biblical proportion miracle.

God's blessings on all of us - especially Katie...Amen!

Good Night and Amor,
The Schwabs

PS: A second prayer...

Prayer for Health and Healing

Dear Jesus, You who have seen the suffering of all humankind, and who suffered the indignities and pain of a cruel crucifixion, have mercy on Katie. Help her, for the greater glory of Your Father in Heaven, to recover from her distress. Give Katie's doctors the wisdom to use the resources within their power to heal her and comfort all of us in their empathy for Katie.

Restore Katie to health, dear Lord, so that she may honor You in all she says and does. We ask this in Your name, our Lord and Savior, and that of Your humble servant, St. Anthony of Padua, The Miracle Worker.

For the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory are Yours. Now and forever. Amen!
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Anna Walton
By Walton Family
St. John Paul II, no stranger to lengthy suffering, please intercede for Katie in this hour of her great need. As an athlete, you knew the importance of physical health and wellness as well as mental toughness. You withstood and witnessed some of the greatest trials and sufferings of the 20th century. Please join us in our intercession for Katie in her great trial. We ask that you place Katie into the arms of Mother Mary to present to her son on our behalf. Amen.
Janice Horan
By Janice. St Matt's
St Anthony intercede for Katie to our Lord and Healer to bring Katie to full recovery. Amen. We continue to pray and thank God for the healing that has taken place. Amen
JoAnn Smith
By Jo Ann Smith
I continue to pray, every day, for sweet Katie to recover. I just keep asking God to wake her up, and she will work hard to rehab, along with her parents, and siblings help, to get her to RIC!!!! I still offer Mass, and light candles, and pray to whomever will listen up there in Heaven!!! I'm not picky about who will help grant Katie her miracle!!!! LOL I am sorry that she is suffering so much from the UTI. Catheter use is famous for that!! I pray for strength for all of you to continue to support Katie in her fight to recovery and restoration of her mind, body, spirit, voice, and life!!!! Oh Divine Physician, please heal Katie!!! Please direct her family to a facility that will offer hope and love, along with the therapy she so desperately needs!!!! Amen And Katie FIGHT LIKE A CHAMPION, TODAY AND EVERY DAY!!!!!! Love and good thoughts to all!!!
RhondA Hacker
It is wonderful to hear that Katie is fighting and has the will to do! Please God, make powerful things happen this week for Katie.

Love and prayers,

Rhonda Hacker and family