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Katie’s Story

Welcome to our CaringBridge site. We've created it to keep friends and family updated. We appreciate your support and words of hope and encouragement during this time when it matters most.

Latest Journal Update

11/4/15: 25 Years of Life: Praise God

Nine days to Katie's 25th birthday!  Let God's greatest miracle to date in this journey of faith and family come now!  We believe, Lord.  Hear our prayers. Amen!

Hello Katie Prayer Warriors and #TeamKATIE members near and far!  Peace and blessings to each of you in The Most Holy Name of Jesus.

Here we are within reach of the seventeenth month since that life-threatening moment in June 2014 when God spared Katie from death while inviting the rest of us to the greatest test of surrender, trust, prayer, hope, love and faith.  It is difficult to comprehend that it has been almost 17 months.  Time - measured by our own selfish sadness and pain - is a facade and a prison.  It can be all consuming and suffocating - especially when under attack of the enemy.  However, as believers in God and people of faith, we have learned invaluable lessons.  Firstly, that God's time is always and only perfect.  His "time" is greater than we can pretend to imagine, because it is exact and right according to His Will.  Secondly, and equally as important to note is, that out of darkness God brings ONLY light and good.  Therefore, instead of counting lost moments, confused or complex thoughts, heart aches, or tears shed, we turn in thanksgiving and praise to count our blessings and the irreplaceable gifts this journey of Katie's restoration and recovery through and in and for God's Glory has given us.  We hope that each of you know - family, old friend, new friend, acquaintance, and stranger alike - WE COUNT YOU AS BLESSINGS to us, to Katie, and to this journey.  God showers us in the great abundance of His love through each and every one of you.  We are forever thankful.  Amen!

Now, we think it is accurate to say that the last place Katie imagined herself being (ten days before such an exciting and monumental birthday milestone) is where she is today - racked, broken, and incapacitated as a prisoner in her own body enduring the struggles associated with traumatic brain injury and Type I Diabetes.  Granted, this is far from the ideal circumstance with which to find oneself or what we would wish or hope for or want for someone we love; however, this is where Katie's current chapter of her life's story finds itself.  Like the Blessed Mother who pondered all things in her heart as she watched the Infant King into His public ministry and eventual victory over sin, darkness and death, we are called to ponder and contemplate many things about Katie, about family, about faith, and about this journey as we await with hope-filled and expectant hearts God's Glory in biblical proportion for Katie's miracle.  We ask that in your prayers, you too spend time pondering God's truth and His messages of hope, love, and healing that His Mercy and Friendship offer all of us, saints and sinners alike.  The messages that God writes on your hearts are to be shared.  May we all have the courage to ponder and pray for open ears, eyes, hearts, minds, and lives in order to receive and share God's messages to us and for each other.  Amen.

Many wonderful things have happened since our last Caring Bridge post.  One of the best and most noteworthy things is that Katie's OT arranged for us to cuddle with and hold Katie in her bed at HW.  We shared immense joy and peace being able to hold our baby sister.  Moreover, we got to experience on even greater levels Katie's reactions to us as we held her, talked with her, and comforted her (as best as we could).  What an incredible gift!  Thanks be to God!

A few other awesome blessings to share can only and rightly be expressed with you exactly as we received them in our family daily text message thread.

From Dad, Monday, 10/26/2015:

"OT - started at 1345 to 1430.  While Katie was sitting up on the table in the peach room and I was sitting in front of her and her OT behind her, Katie was asked to move her right arm and touch my hand - which was on my knee - with her hand.  She worked at it and did it, not one time but twice.  What a nice move from Katie as she followed a command. We were both impressed and very happy, and we let Katie know that we were proud of her."

From Dad, Wednesday, 10/28/2015:

"Speech Therapy had Angela shadowing her.  Angela is a Senior from St. Mary's College.  She knew Katie very well, because she was assigned to Katie when Katie was a Senior Mentor and Angela was a Freshman along with several others girls who were in Katie's mentee group where she had to guide them through as Freshman (again, Katie being the Senior).  Angela is doing it this year and is using what Katie did for her Freshman year to guide her Freshman mentees.  I thought how wonderful."

From Jen, Saturday, 10/31/2015

In my visit with Katie, we have prayed and blessed ourselves with Saint Andre oil and Holy Water.   We have said our "regular" prayers.  Katie has moved her right arm and kind of reached out to me a couple times.  This is "knot in my throat" awesome!  Amen!

Katie cried, which hurts to watch, but is a healing blessing and evidence of God's great works and miracles!  Amen!

Katie is in pain (weather induced, I think.)  Kate's pain is obvious by the faces she has made and the silent crying out that she does.  I cried with her.

She has made a few noises and blown out some air.  I know she wants to talk to us.  I just know.  Help her, Jesus.  LET HER TALK.  HELP HER TALK!  Please, dear Lord.  Please.

Katie looks wonderful!  Compliments to her care team and Dad for keeping Katie's care top of the line!  Well done!

I did some minor and regular care stuff, too.   Katie loves it when I "Momma Gorilla" her.  Smiles.

Katie is watching her UND Fightin' Irish.  We are all cheering for victory!"

From Dad Sunday, 11/01/2015

"Katie is resting and relaxing in her chair at this time.  The Little Flower Healing Prayer Team was here from 1500 to1605.  Katie has been doing wonderfully with eyes open and enjoying the company."

From Dad Monday, 11/02/2015:

"Also, yesterday during LF Healing Prayer Group visit  Katie had her eyes open most of the time and was looking right at them and following them."

Well, friends, we hope you are praising God and offering prayers of gratitude and awe!   BECAUSE, OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!   This isn't everything that we experience in terms of the work of The Most Holy Trinity in our lives; it isn't any where close to being the magnitude of blessings, but it is a snapshot worthy of sharing.  We continue to pray and pray hard, unceasingly, if possible.  We want and need and ask and seek for our family to be restored, for Katie to be restored - in her brain, her mind, her body, her health, her life, and her spirit.  We pray for Katie to talk, walk, be and live as she knows herself and as we know her.  We pray for medical marvel miracles.  And when God is ready, so it will be.  Amen!

Again, thank you for your prayers, love and support.   Ducks fly together.  Amen!

As we close let us give a shout-out to a few key points of interest:

1.  November 1st -  ALL SAINTS DAY  Katie has an incredible cheerleading squad and prayer warrior team of Saints.  We are indebted to them for their intercession and advocacy for her miracle in God's Glory.  This team includes, but is not limited to:  Our Blessed Mother Mary (in her many capacities and under her many titles of faith and love), Saint Joseph, Saint Jude Thaddeus, Saint Josemaria Escriva, Saint Philamena, Saint John Vianney, Saint Thomas, Saint Faustina, Saint Bernadette, Saint Lucy, Saint Benedict, Saint Andre Bessett, the Archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael, Saint Terese the Little Flower, Saint Louise and Zelie Martin, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Cecelia, Saint Theresa of Avila, Saint Anthony, Saint Francis, Saint Francis Xavier Cabrini, Saint Dominic, Saint Kateri, Saint Pope John Paul II, Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, Blessed Mother Teresa, Blessed Basil Moreau, Blessed Solanus Casey, Blessed Bishop John Henry Newman, Blessed Father Stanislaus Papczynski, The Martyrs of Auriesville, and all the holy men and women praying for Katie.

2.  November 2nd - ALL SOULS DAY  Katie has prayer warriors here on earth, throughout Heaven, and even in Purgatory.   We remember and thank everyone, ALL souls, praying with us and for us - especially for Kate's full restoration, recovery, functionality, and normalcy.  We will continue to offer our prayers for all souls in our gratitude.

3.   As a family, we did well with the first 27 days of the 54 Days Rosary Novena, but we have struggled with fidelity in our commitment to the last 27 days of this novena - starting, stopping, starting again, stopping again.  The Holy Rosary is a powerful, life changing and saving prayer.  Help us to recommit; pray for us and pray with us, if you are willing and able to do so.  Let us use the prayer of The Blessed Mother just as she invites and encourages us to do.

4.  Starting tomorrow, 11/04/15, we are going to attempt a Nine Days Mass Novena.  Our goal is to attend and participate in the Mass for nine consecutive days.  This will lead us to November 13th, Katie's 25 birthday.  If you are able to do the same, we would appreciate your solidarity in this prayer endeavor.  

5.  November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  Type I Diabetes is our cause.  We encourage you to research on this disease that afflicts only about 5% of all Diabetics.  Let's research and learn more about this life-threatening and fragile, yet almost invisible disease.  Lastly, let us pray fervently for a cure to T1D because we do not want other Type Oners to experience the hellacious burden and cross of suffering that our favorite Type Oner has endured and continues to endure.  God is using Katie  in many powerful and good ways.  She suffers, yes, but for God's Glory.   May her suffering bring about awareness and education of this cause - as God wills it to save other people's lives.

6.  In a recent conversation between Mom and Grandma, Grandma said, "I think God is using Katie to show somebody of His mercy.  This suffering will be for the good of someone else.  Katie will come out of it."  God bless Katie, and God bless Grandma.  What a wonderful word of encouragement as we prepare for the Year of Mercy to start December 8th as declared by Pope Francis.  Amen!

As we close this update, we send Schwab love and hugs to all.  God bless and protect you all.  Thanks agian for sticking with us, for sticking by Katie's side on this journey, and for  believing in God.

Gratefully and sincerely yours through The Most Holy Trinity, we remain,
The Schwabs

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Sharon Monson
By A Prayer Warrior
Blessings on your birthday!
Cathy McPhilamy
By Cathy McPhilamy
Happy 25 Birthday, Katie!!!
This will b your year for ultimate healing and recovery. Your Prayer Warriors continue to hold u up on a daily basis. I am convinced u can feel the support, as Sweet Jesus offers to walk the tedious distance with u.
Blessings for a special day to a very special young woman.
Come, Holy Spirit
Deanie Kopec
By Deanie Kopec
Our thoughts and prayers are with, and will continue to be with you all.
Mary Rattenbury
By Mary Rattenbury — last edited
You are always in my prayers and hope this poem I just found touches you like it did me. And the greatest promise of all is life with our Lord.
Life is full of promises,
Of things both great and small,
Hopes and dreams and private schemes
And happiness the best of all.
Life is sad and lonely,
And this we can’t escape.
The sorrow, tears and heartache
In abundance we must take.
Life is rich in blessings,
In gifts and moments shared.
It offers wealth and health and love of
Friends and relatives who’ve cared.
Life is marred by worry,
Indulged by all of us.
We take on many troubles,
Alas, I guess we must.
Life is ours for living,
In ways both good and bad.
Treasure every hour of it,
So you’ll never wish you had
Trena Haynes
By Trena Haynes
Your faith and determination are remarkable and always inspiring! Continued prayers for your precious Katie and for all of you!
Joey Hacker
By Joey Hacker
Many prayers to all of the Scwabs and especially Katie!
tyna mccown
By Tyna and Georgie (as Katie called him)
Thank you for your Faithful and Loving updates of sweet, sweet Katie.
We continue Praying for her comfort and complete healing.
Our love and prayers are always with her and all of you....
Trudy Pitt
By Trudy
I send my best wishes to all of you. Hope Katie has a great birthday. Also if I remember Ryan also has a birthday coming up so Happy Happy to him also. You are always in my prayers. Love, Trudy
JoAnn Smith
By JoAnn Smith
I always love reading the Journal with updates about sweet Katie Beth!!!! I especially loved the part about cuddling with her, because there is nothing in this world better than loving hugs to uplift the spirit!!!! I think that's what I miss the most about losing Larry!!! Just warm embraces from the people you love, and love you, helps with the pain and helplessness she must feel!!!! I am sure that it helps all of you too, to be able to give Katie your unconditional love and support!!! Touch is a great healer of mind and body, so I applaud the OT for suggesting this!!!!
Is there an address there where I can send Katie a birthday card???
I pray for Katie every day to be restored in Mind, Brain, Body, Spirit, Voice, and Life!!!! I pray that she will be restored back to all things Katie!!!!! Please give her a hug from me, and tell her to "FIGHT LIKE A CHAMPION"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO KATIE, AND GO IRISH!!!! Quack, quack!!!! Love and prayers to all the Schwabs!!!!
Margaret  Reid
By Margaret
Katie remains at the top of our prayer list, along with all of the Schwabs.