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On Friday evening, December 7, Katie (also known as Kit) was hit by a car when she crossed Route 18 near Geneva College. Katie, a senior at the college was taken to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh after the accident. She suffered a serious head injury and is currently in ICU. She has a fractured skull, cheek and broken pelvis. 

Please see the journal entries as more updates on Katie become available. 


Tammy Cessna posted a new journal entry, "Surgery is done".

Everything went well with Katie's ACL surgery. She is home now and sleeping.Thank you for all of your prayers! Read more

Janet Bunge signed Katie's Guestbook.!  Chris had an ACL and the medial and lateral meniscus torn last year.  Praying for a complete recovery! Read more

pansy wicker signed Katie's Guestbook.

So thankful the surgery went well.  I am still keeping you in you, Read more

Tom Magnone signed Katie's Guestbook.

HI KIT you an amazing young lady i miss you get well soon. Hi tammy you know i,ll be pray love guy,s!!!!! Read more

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Mary Nagle signed Katie's Guestbook.

By now Katie's surgery is probably over and hopefully very successful! I pray she will be as good as new very soon! I know our Lord has something important for her to do ... Read more

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