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My Story

F.R.O.G  Fully Rely On GOD
Blessed Be The Name of The LORD!
I am Katie Grace I am 10 and I have Pulmonary Hypertension a rare and terminal illness. But I have Faith that God will see me through. Thank you for being here to visit me ;)


 I have now started the 4th grade. Pulmonary Hypertension has given me a bumpy road to go down but it does not stop me. I am always glad to share a great story. I love being a girl and doing what girls do.
It is my dream to be a veterinarian when I grow up but I have made a promise to never move away from mommy and daddy. I  love my big sister Savanha and love to hang out with her and her friends. I have the Lord in my heart and enjoy Christian music. I also enjoy doing things for "PH awareness" and "
Organs are Us"

Mom: My favorite quote from Katie Grace is when she was asked when she will get her trans plant and she said " I do this for my friends that have already had theirs there will be a cure for PH before I get mine"
Her long brown hair and big blue eyes are a compliment to her award winning smile.
Thank you for visiting her here.

Visit www.PHAssociation.org to learn more about PH

Katie Grace


Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "We are Back".

I know it has been awhile so that means there is a lot to tell,So Katie Grace's PH began to progress and once it did there seemed to be no slowing it down. We tried oral ... Read more

Kathy Groebner added a new photo.

Kathy Groebner added a new photo.

Jerry Groebner signed Katie Grace's Guestbook.

Katie,Rhonda said you were dloing well and are the Ronald McDonald house. You and your family are in our prayers back here in Minnesota. Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "Missed PH Awareness :(".

November was National PH Awareness month... It was a VERY busy month for us. The end of October brought grams to attend the "Katie's Dream Event".. It was a ... Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "my family".

My family is the BEST family in the world I have kathy,john,me,savanha,summer,faith,janet,butch,eileen,john,josh,jacob,jake,nolan,eli ... Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "10 years old".

Hello every one. Yes you heard right, I am NOW 10! It has been a long year for me and my family.. My PH has been on the rise this means more medications 1 is a water pill ... Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry.

While I know that we are supposed to be using the COTA for Katie Grace website I know many have not seen it. So I felt it was important to do an update here. Katie Grace ... Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "still here".

Can not believe that it is already December this year has flown by so fast.Katie Grace is doing well and continues to fight this disease with a smile on her face and a ... Read more

Kathy Groebner posted a new journal entry, "Moving to C.O.T.A".

Just to let you all know that soon Katie Grace will have a NEW WEB page.It will be a part of the C.O.T.A  organization.  C.O.T.A is Childrens Organ Transplant ... Read more

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