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Katie’s Story

I had surgery on 8/17/2006 to remove an abdominal lump which turned out to be cancerous. A 2nd surgery and chemo followed on 10/2/2006. Then oral chemo from 12/06 thru 5/07.

Now five years with No Evidence of Disease. Yay!

It's hard to say where this story starts. I don't know when the cancer began, I'm not sure when I recognized that something was not quite right. The lump I discovered in my abdomen might have gone unnoticed if I hadn't been successful in the weight-loss study. Without the monthly weigh-in I doubt I'd have been as aware of an odd tendancy toward, ahem, constipation. These 2 things, added together over the course of several months finally sent me to my regular doctor. Eight days later I had surgery. A hysterectomy, appendectomy and a few more -ectomies I don't know. At first we didn't know the tumors were cancerous. When it was revealed that they were it felt as thought the bottom had dropped out of my life.Once we had a name: mucinous adenocarcinoma, the research began. For the most part the reading was scary. One good part was the doctor to whom we were referred, Dr. Todd Tuttle at the University of Minnesota Hospitals. Both in blogs and on Google, Dr. Tuttle has a reputation for agressive and successful treatment of this kind of cancer.

Latest Journal Update


Today was my first follow-up appointment in a year and it was a good one.  Dr. Greeno told me there were no changes in my CT scan.  The CEA (cancer marker) was near the bottom of my normal range, and so we can cease the active watching that has been the focus of these last 5 years.  Hurray!  Now I just need to have a blood test done at my regular doctor's office once a year.  I am, however, on the "5-year plan" for colonoscopies, at least until I've had a 2nd clean slate.  Then I can follow the usual 10-year schedule.

Thank you dear family and friends for supporting me with your prayers and good thoughts, and hugs and pep-talks and everything else.  Special thanks to my Dear Husband, Blaine, for going above and beyond the call of duty.

I expect this is my last entry.  (What did Bilbo say in The Fellowship of the Ring?  Oh, yes!)  I bid you all a very fond farewell.  Good-bye!