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Former Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has been diagnosed with choroidal melanoma, a rare eye cancer that affects roughly six in 1 million people.  It was discovered in one eye during a comprehensive eye exam and confirmed by cancer specialists in early June. The Blancos are grateful for your support and ask for your prayers. Since this will be a challenging time for the family, information, updates and communication regarding the governor will be posted through Caring Bridge. She will receive your messages regularly.

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, the first woman to serve as Louisiana’s governor, from 2004-2008. Governor Blanco was elected to four different offices during her 24 trailblazing years in public service.  Her name was on the ballot nine times in tough races and runoffs, and she has never been defeated. She was the first woman from Lafayette elected to the Louisiana House of Representatives in 1983, and again in 1987.  She then became the first woman in Louisiana elected to the Public Service Commission, where she was named chairman, and was re-elected for a second term with noopposition. She was elected twice as our lieutenant governor, and during her eight years in office built the state’s tourism business into a $9 Billion industry.  She pushed the Main Street Program that revitalized downtowns in communities across the state. In 2003, Louisiana elected her governor over 19 men, many of them prominent political figures.  Blanco was governor during the rough days, weeks, and months after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita devastates coastal Louisiana. She never quit fighting Washington for enough money for the recoveryeffort, despite a lot of push back. She secured over $29 Billion for Louisiana– for levee improvement, housing grants that helped more than 128,000 families get back into their homes, and to rebuild public infrastructure. Despite the intense recovery work, Governor Blanco still accomplished all of her initial goals by the end of her term – most notably in education.  She prioritized investments from Pre-K to universities, funding teacher pay and higher education at the Southern averagefor the first time.  She was nationally recognized for her economic development accomplishments, bringing new companies with good paying jobs here.  She left office having built a solid foundation for recovery, with a balanced budget and a $2 Billion surplus. The New Iberia native is a graduate of Mount Carmel and UL-Lafayette, and is married to Raymond Blanco, a retired UL vice president andformer football coach.  They are the parents of six children and the grandparents of nine.  


Kathleen Blanco posted a new journal entry, "Passed Again!".

Dear Friends,At my one year anniversary, I am truly blessed to have once again passed a battery of oncology tests showing no signs of metastasis.   The tumor in my ... Read more

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Dear Ms. Blanco, I just happened upon your story after seeing that you spoke at the OM retreat last year.  I wondered why you were the keynote speaker and found out that ... Read more

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Hi Kathleen, I am six years out from diagnosis of a medium CM, left eye. No mets yet. Go for tests in October. Always scary. I enjoy every day and am so thankful to God ... Read more

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Dear Former Gov. Kathleen Blanco: I am so very happy to hear how well you are progressing with your diagnosis of cancer of the eye.  I never knew a person could get ... Read more

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Kathleen and Coach, I wish every ounce of healing that God can put within you. Be well and be reminded of all the tough times He's already walked you through. Read Psalm ... Read more

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I'll continue praying for your Governor.  Keep the faith!  Tell Coach hello.   DennieWilliams, Cleco, Alexandria, LA Read more

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Dear Gov.Blanco, I am a citizen of Louisiana and like you am also a patient of Dr. WilsonMemphis. It will be 3 1/2 years at the end of September that I had radiation ... Read more

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Hi Kathleen, So happy for you to get such positive results this time around.  God has truly blessed you with a good prognosis for a long and happy life with your ... Read more

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You were the best governor Louisiana has ever had. Now you have an even larger challenge - and you are up to it, you have many folks who know you are wonderful. We think ... Read more

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Hello Kathleen,   I don't believe I have ever met anyone more humble than you. You made me want to be calmer, to listen more and to smile, always. Such a sweet spirit ... Read more

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