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Kari Jo’s Story

Our daughter and sister, Kari Jo Milberg, was in a terrible auto accident which resulted in the tragic death of her daughter, Lydia.  Her son, Easton, who was also in the car has only minor injuries and is thankfully doing well.  Kari has had several surgeries since the accident and currently the doctors are concerned with her arm.  She is attempting to open her eyes.  Please keep her in your prayers as we struggle through this difficult time.  We are deeply grateful for your words and prayers for all our family members.

The Milberg family

Latest Journal Update

Update from Kati

Kari went to her evaluation at the new therapy clinic...
Originally she was supposed to go to therapy 3 times a week....after her evaluation they determined she is good only going twice a week.
I have seen so many positive changes and so many major improvements in her this past week.

She showed them her tough side and kicked some a$$!
She continues to amaze me with her courage, drive, persistence, and not giving up.

I think it is the strength of lydia guiding her and pushing her. Giving her the energy and the power to push through each day, even with the grief and loss she is so deeply suffering. Lydia, keep strengthening and lifting her up as high as you possibly can...

Continue to do so for the love of your mother.