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  • What a difference a year makes...

    Written Mar 30, 2014 9:32pm by Liz Christensen

    Today marks a year since mom left us in the physical sense.  I've talked about it many times what a difference a year makes and wow, does that statement hold true.  I've decided to think of today as her heavenly birthday vs the anniversary of her death and it's helped both me and the kids find comfort in it a bit.  We brought her a cupcake last week for Gavin's (my oldest son) birthday and today we stopped and saw her and Faith was thrilled that Gramma must have gotten it because it wasn't there anymore.  It's the little things the innocence of the kids bring out that have made this journey a little bit easier. 

    Dad's been busy traveling, snowmobiling throughout the winter and is excited for spring to be here soon to get back out on the motorcycle.  Stephen is working a bit with my husband, Kai, in his remodeling/construction business (better throw out a cheap plug that if anyone needs any work done...let me know!  ;)).  Kai and I were married October 5th in Stillwater on one of the river boats.  Found out a month later that we were expecting, and three weeks after that found out it was twins!  So, I'm now about 26 weeks pregnant with twins and we're pretty sure mom had a little something to do with it but we're excited on what the summer brings.  My due date is July 4th, but we're hoping they'll come a little earlier around mid June. 

    Needless to say it's been an eventful year and we would've never made it without the love, support and prayers from all of our wonderful friends and family.  We are planning on doing the walk again this year.  Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative.  We'd love for anyone to join us.  Dad still has leftover tshirts from last year if anyone needs one.  The date this year is May 10th.  I'm trying to get everything set up as far as registration goes so I'll post more info on that once I've got it. 

    I hope all are doing well!  Walk details soon!
  • It's been a while...

    Written Aug 31, 2013 1:13am by Liz Christensen

    I know I told many of you that I would continue to update the site as mom was seen present in our lives.  She's been around, that's for sure, time has just gotten the best of me so I haven't been around to update lately.  So I'll give a run down of the last few months...

    Today, well technically yesterday since it's after midnight, marked five months!  It's hard to believe she's been gone that long, it seems like yesterday I was sitting beside her in hospice praying for a miracle.  There's not an hour that goes by that she doesn't cross my mind and as I said, she's made her presence known with little signs here and there.  Stephen and I were talking about mom at dad's work picnic and all of a sudden the song "Relax, Don't Do It" came on over the intercom.  It's turned in to a bit of an anthem for the family and always brings a smile to our faces.  A few weeks back would have been mom's 50th birthday on August 7th.  It was a tough day for all of us but we made it through.  Her grave stone came in that week and we were able to go visit her and it was more than just a patch of grass.  The stone made reality sink in a bit more but it's gorgeous and I think she approves!  If anyone needs directions to where it's located and wants to visit her feel free to shoot me an email.

    We've all become a bit obsessed with dragonflies.  I'm not sure if they've always followed us the way that they do now or if we just notice it more but whenever I need one, one seems to pop out of nowhere.  I had taken a picture of the dragonfly they hung outside of mom's room before she passed and got a tattoo of it a couple of months ago.  I'm sure mom shook her head at me as she always did when I came home with new ink but I never was one to follow the rules.  I've also got a necklace I wear most of the time that I've several people comment on, one in particular told me she believed that dragonflies were souls of those that had passed.  She didn't know my story, she didn't know me at all, but we had a great conversation about mom and the belief that I now shared with her.

    Stephen spent most of the summer at camp doing what he loves most and counseling kids.  He's now back at home and working at the fair this week but back job hunting looking for something to do with the woods.  So if anyone has a lead....I'm just sayin.  :)

    Dad's been keeping busy golfing and hanging out with friends.  Work has sent him on a few trips but it sounds like he'll be home for a while now. 

    The kids have been keeping me busy most of the summer.  Faith has been in dance and gymnastics and Gavin gave baseball another shot and just started football.  Football seems to be the winner and he's looking forward to his first game next weekend.  I took a couple of classes at Inver Hills this summer and will be starting up at St. Kate's next week for their radiography program.  I've got a long road ahead but it will be more than rewarding!  I'm also marrying my best friend, Makai, in October.  He has been by my side through all of this journey and loves me the same way dad loves mom and that's the man I've always searched for.  We look forward to our future together and many years of wedded bliss but in the meantime we're throwing a wedding together in two months and trying to finalize those details.  It's a bit crazy to say the least.

    That's the cliff notes of what's been going on...long story short, we miss her.  A lot.  We didn't talk every day but I always had the option to call her, the fact that I no longer have that privilege sucks for lack of a better term.  Life hasn't been and never will quite be the same but we're carrying on her memories and trying to continue in figuring out our new norms.  She'll always be in our hearts. 

    Till next time.  Hope life is treating everyone well!
  • THANK YOU!!!

    Written May 12, 2013 10:01pm by Liz Christensen

    Thank you to everyone that came out yesterday despite the frigid cold and supported mom and brain cancer at the walk!  I think we ended up with a rough head count of 65 people just on our team alone.  We dominated the walk with our KP's PACK & CREW shirts and were able to take over the pavilion afterwards to enjoy the wonderful picnic.  Thank you to everyone who brought a dish to share, the food was amazing!  A special thank you to mom's cousin, Mary Sand, who designed and played a huge role in the tshirt department.  We had so many compliments and mom would have been proud! Unfortunately we never were able to coordinate a group shot but my uncle took one of most of the group while we were sitting having lunch.  All in all it was a great day and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  We made mom proud and we're looking forward to making this a tradition in her honor!

    Today was tough but the support we had yesterday helped a bit...we all miss mom terribly and it was another milestone that we made it through.  Dad, Stephen, Gavin, Faith and I all took our trips to the cemetery to visit mom and Gavin and Faith sent balloons off to her in heaven.  It's still so surreal that she's gone in the physical sense but many have you have told me that you feel her more in a spiritual sense now than ever.  There's not an hour that doesn't go by that I don't think about her or miss her but as soon as I get in to my it's not fair thinking I've got mom in the back of my head saying "life's not fair, get on and make the most of it".  We're continuing to move forward and Dad and Stephen with the help of Uncle Bill & Uncle Pat, and of course the supervision of Grandpa George, got the dock in today so we've got a lot of memories to make this summer at the lake. 

    Thank you again to all of you and Happy Mother's Day to all of the mom's out there...give them all an extra hug for me please!

    Till next time...

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