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Kamryn’s Story

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Kamryn Faith is 13 months old and one happy, sweet little girl. She is always so full of life and has a smile that lights up a room.

Tuesday morning (May 15), Kamryn woke up vomiting and not wanting to eat or drink anything. This persisted all day and Chad and I took her to the ER that evening and were told she had a very bad ear infection. She received an antibiotic shot and were sent home. Wednesday, visited doctor to get another shot. She remained lethargic all day so Chad and I took her again to the ER for fluids. After fluids, we were sent home. Thursday, she remained lethargic and we went back to the doctor. This is when we were told she might have something else going on and to head to the Children's hospital in Plano.

In Plano, they checked her out and with very little change, decided to admit her for further testing. The night doctor ordered an ultrasound to determine if there was a blockage in her intestines causing her loss of appetite and fever. The ultrasound the following morning revealed she had a mass in her abdomen. A CT scan was ordered this revealed that this mass was a tumor that they thought was cancerous so they sent us on to Children's hospital in Dallas for a biopsy and further testing.