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Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn showed strength from birth continuing over three years until becoming an angel. This site is to remember and honor our little girl-she changed our world forever.

Kaitlyn was born November 27th, 2002. Because of complications during the labor/delivery process, she suffered severe brain damage. This caused her to be disabled in body but never in spirit. In the journey that took place in her 3 years, she captivated many and stole hearts the world over. Please take a look at her first CaringBridge site which chronicles this journey-this link is provided on the links page. Kaitlyn earned her wings the morning of February 20th, 2006-she is greatly missed!

Latest Journal Update


This is what I feel I would have shared at Kaitlyn's funeral had I been in the state of mind to do so. I wrote this as if I am speaking then:

"I am your way home, you are my new path."
That line from a children's book I read to Kaitlyn speaks to both the beginning of her life and the end. I was a first time Mom bringing her daughter home. The challenges Kaitlyn faced would take me down a new path. A path that would change the world as I saw it. Kaitlyn would be robbed of a childhood I took for granted. When Kaitlyn was 3 weeks old Charlie and I were told that she had suffered severe global brain damage---that it was unlikely that she would ever walk, talk, see or hear.

Kaitlyn never walked. She did not speak. Her eye sight was limited. She did hear. Of that I have no doubt. She would respond to voices. Kaitlyn's body was weak but her spirit was strong. She walked into hearts across the world. Her life spoke volumes on strength and the power of love. She saw the hearts of those who knew and loved her.

"I am your way home, you are my new path."
For 3 years every time I stood next to Kaitlyn's crib during different hospitalizations, I would tell her that she needed to fight, that I needed her here. A few days ago I stood next to her crib and told her that if she couldn't fight anymore that I understood. She died not long after. Kaitlyn went home to Heaven and I am left to find my new path.
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Petra Steaderman
By Petra
I'm glad you were able to put into words what you were feeling. This is beautiful 💝
Bobbi Lin Palkovich
By Bobbi Lin Palkovich
Good job Jess. It is beautiful. I will always remember her beautiful hair and cute cheeks :) she was so lucky to have a great mom like you ❤️