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Justin’s Story

Thank you for supporting us as our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor!  After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, my young super hero Justin passed away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

Checking In (Again)

Hey You,

It’s June and school is out for the summer. The school was nice enough to order and give us a copy of this year’s class yearbook. Several of your friends each wrote a blurb about a memory of you which then was then published and put in the yearbook. Mom and I were very touched and thrilled to get it and say “hi” to some of the kid’s in your class. Don’t worry, I think they all made it through the 8th grade and will be starting 9th grade in the fall.  It sounds like Justin H.(Jason-LOL) will be going to de La Salle in the fall… Any way it gave us a peek into the school year and shows us all the high lights and keeps up to date withall the kids you went to elementary school with. In other ways it shows what’s missing...mainly you!

Father’s day is a week away and I can’t help but think of the best present I have EVER received. It was a coffee mug and plate the hospital brought and had you decorate when Uncle Bill and Aunt Pam came up to the hospital to stay with you while we went to Bill and Melissa wedding. Of course you decorated it using your two favorite colors, orange and blue. It really was the best gift ever… When you passed, we put the mug and the plate upon the cabinets in the kitchen… I may start a little tradition and use it only on Father’s Day. Maybe just have my morning coffee in the mug... I’ll have to think on that.

I sure hope the weather in heaven is nicer, brighter, warmer and drier than what’s going on around here. It has been one wet and cool spring thus far making the sump pump work overtime. Hey, do me a favor and ask around and find out who is charge of the water and ask for it to be shut off on the weekends. If you come back and tell me it’s Noah, I may just die laughing.  I’m thinking if the township goes ahead with their plan to cut the woods and build across the street it will help the sump pump issue.

You must be busy eh? Signs that you’re around have been few lately. Of course we just had one last Friday at your school. It was cool when we went and picked up the yearbook and your counselor gave us a paper you wrote in the seventh grade that Mrs. Clark found. It was you writing about several things you like doing; Camping and playing guitar of course was on the list. I told her I wanted to come in and play counselor for a day…how do you think I would do??? LOL.

Well it’s time for me to wrap it up. By the way how is Cousin Lynn fitting in? Are her and Brodie getting along? Tell Brodie to behave and be nice!!! LOL. We all LOVE and miss you very much!!! Please watch over us and let us know how things are going.

Love you more (I called it)

Dad, Mom and Jackie

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4 Comentarios

Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
I so love that the school found one of Justin's projects and set it aside, knowing how much it would mean to you guys! There's nothing like getting something new that you haven't seen before, created by Justin himself! I also LOVE the yearbook and the way Justin's friends made it special for him. What gifts those things are.

Thinking of you and your family, especially as Father's Day comes up. I hope your day is filled with lots of comfort and signs from above. I know Jackie will still make it special and prod you along...because that's what us daughters do. :) You better be on your toes for pranks, because...well, that's kinda what boys are known for, and I'm sure Justin will be looking for ways to make your day interesting. :)

Your family is firmly in my prayers.
Ellen Wiseman
By Ellen Wiseman
💗 love to the whole family.
Faye Glick
By Faye
A special father's day mug from Justin....like that idea....and his friends who wrote about Justin in the yearbook...something to cherish
Deanna Heath
By Deanna
Thank you for sharing :)