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Justin’s Story

Thank you for supporting us as our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor!  After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, my young super hero, Justin passed away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

Catching Up II

Hey Buddy,

It’s the middle of November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For most people, the holiday season starts the Friday after Turkey day. Your favorite neighbors started the day after Halloween. They are great kids and we are blessed to have them living in our backyard. This year we’re torn about how to celebrate this season. Without you being here, we’re just not in the mood… Mom said we may put up a tree in the dining area. You know where I am talking about, over in the corner by the door. She said “it will be a Justin tree decorated with all the things he likes”, yes even bacon. Between the special ornaments from friends and the decorations from last year, I think Mom will make it a tree to remember. If you’re not doing anything, stop by, I’ll leave the spot at the top of the tree where the angel sits for you…

I went hunting this weekend up at Uncle Dan’s place. Dylan, Caleb, Cody and Jessie were there. As Dylan and I walked through the woods, I asked him if he thought you would like to do this and he said “he would have enjoyed coming up north”, he wasn’t sure if you would have liked hunting. I love the answer your sister gave people when she was asked if she enjoyed goose hunting with me, remember? Jacqueline said, “I really enjoyed spending time with my dad…but I’m real glad he didn’t shoot anything!!!” I wish we would have had the chance to find out…oh well, I know you are with me in spirit and you can turn your head if I shoot.

This Saturday is the St. Jude “GIVE THANKS” walk at Lakeside Mall. Our Team Justin shirts are in and we will have around 50 walkers walking in your honor that will have them on. Your friends at WYCD 99.5 will be wearing your shirt as well. Team Justin has raised approximately $2,500 thus far and currently sits in 8th place on the fundraising total. We have a great support group and a lot of people had given to St Jude on your behalf before this walk. It was tough to ask for more donations, but we did. We ask for you and all the kids at St Jude still fighting the fight!!! It makes us feel good to raise money but more so, it raises awareness of the need for pediatric cancer research to find a cure for this horrible disease.

Well I think I’ve brought you up to date on things going on around down here. I hope things are going as well on your end. Remember, if you get the chance, stop by and let us know you’re around. You are and will always be in our hearts and in our minds. We miss you so much every day…

Love you!!!

Dad, Mom and Jackie
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6 Comentarios

Michelle Gregorich
By Michelle Gregorich
How can I donate to the walk today for justin?
Julie Tyll Rubicz
By Beaumont PICU/peds family
Have been thinking of your family lately....know that even though we are not seeing you on a daily or weekly or monthly basis anymore, we still miss Justin and miss all of you.
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Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
I'm sure you will all find the way to get through the holidays that works best for you all...I know Justin will be carried with you, no matter what you decide to do. I'm glad Jackie is older and can share input in that, too. Praying for you all to be given a special peace and strength through this season.

I love what Jackie said about hunting....perfect! I think Dylan also had a perfect response. You absolutely know Justin would've loved being up north and sharing that time with you.

I love the St Jude walks and fundraisers - I have a church event that morning or I would be there. I'm still trying to see if I can make it work to stop in. WYCD rocks...and they love Justin. :) It's great hearing about their support, both of your family and St. Jude. ♥

I hope you do get some sweet signs from above!
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Sheila Jones
By Sheila Jones 'Always Sammy's Grammie'
Look for Team Super Sam. They will also be there 😊
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Joyce LaForest-Yates
By Joyce LaForest-Yates
Hello, Thanks for sharing your letter to Justin with us. It helps us to deal with your loss. Do you dream about him? I ask, because when I dream about my Mother, the next day I feel like I had a visit from her. It feels so good to feel closer to her. I hope you and your family make it through this holiday. It will be tough, but decorating his tree will help to feel closer to him.
Take care, Your Caring Bridge Friend.
Faye Glick
By Faye
A spot at the top of the tree- where the angel sits for you...I will forever think of Justin every time I see a Christmas tree.
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