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Justin’s Story

Thank you for supporting us as our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor!  After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, my young super hero Justin passed away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

Hello My Friend

Hey Buddy,

The warmer temps have melted away the snow that once covered the Superman marker and Tiger Gnome marking your spot in the yard where we have erected a small memorial.  The Superman wind chimes hanging between the yards made it through the winter but will need to be touch up before the next years snow fall. The first day of spring brought a very milestone birthday celebration for your sister. She turned 21 and has become a caring and wonderful person. A lot of family and friends did  things to make it a special occasion for her.There was a ton of chocolate cake and brownies. I am glad it was chocolate and not vanilla…it made it easier to resist.  Mom could not have done a better job raising her and I couldn’t be prouder.

Mom is doing fine and continues to improve daily. I can’t wait for the day she doesn’t threaten to tell me about “her problems”.  It was funny when she used to threaten to tell you about it… not so much when it’s me being tortured.

I don’t know how it is where you are or what your take is on this whole “being dead” thing is, but for the ones left behind here, it has been one hell of a long road. It’s weird…I have this “waiting for something”feeling all the time. I don’t know if there is still a small part of me that can’t believe your dead. I hear the school bus, a noise from your room or a song on the radio and for a split second I think…

You know, if I didn’t think they would lock me up in a padded room, I would walk around talking about and to you all the time. If for no other reason just to keep all memories we have of you fresh in my mind.

Easter is next weekend and it will be another “first”. It was the last major holiday we all celebrated at home.  I don’t think the Easter Bunny is going to hide any eggs around here this year. Hey! Remember last year when someone made a big heart out of plastic eggs filled with candy in the front yard? When I close my eyes I still see the smile that heart put on your face. To tell you the truth, I remember thinking how lucky we are to all be together and wondering how long will our luck hold out…

Well,  I need to cut this letter short… “Pirates of the Caribbean”just came on and you know we can never watch the pirate movies enough. LOL!!!

We love and always miss you!!! Stop by if you get the chance and let us know you’re good.

Hugs and Kisses,

Mom, Dad and Jackie

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6 Comentarios

Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
I hope Jackie had a great 21st! Definitely a milestone (and a fun one to celebrate)! :) How long until Vegas?

If I ever run into you / have the opportunity to meet you, I'd love to hear more Justin stories. You can talk about him as much as you want. :) I also hope that friends and family will continue to share their Justin stories with you...maybe you'll hear some new ones to bring you some laughs.

That whole "waiting for something" feeling has to be difficult - just the anticipation, anxiety, and disappointment over him not running through the door. I know you wish this was only a bad dream, that you'd wake up and things would be back to the normal you remember.

Easter last year sounds like it was filled with special memories, hold them close to your heart. What special friends your family has...it's cool reading about the ways they really stepped up to make Justin smile. It's beautiful, really.

My thoughts and prayers continue for your family.
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John Renner
By John Renner
The Townsends are always in my prayers. Yesterday when I woke up, while at church and over dinner. Let me know if you need anything - the trip up to the Renner house in Port Austin remains open for your family. Have as good of an Easter that you can. Try to remember more good things than bad or sad (tough to do, I imagine).
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joilynn gambrell
Good Morning Mr Roy @ Family. Just want to say Hi and that I Love you all. Stop by and see me, Mr Roy so we can have that talk we we have not had in a long time about The journal. see you soon joilynn from wico
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Faye Glick
By Faye
Yes, a Happy Spring and Easter to all - especially your angel, Justin. I'm sure you can hear Justin every time the Superman wind chimes gently tinkle in the breeze.
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Deanna Heath
By Deanna
Happy Spring & Happy Easter :)
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Sheila Jones
By Sheila Jones 'Always Sammy's Grammie'
Roy , Your family has been on my mind. Glad all is as good as it can be.
FYI. Just wanted you to know I'll first in line for that "Padded room" and there is a long line behind me, seems to be many of us who talk out loud to our angels. 😊
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