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Justin’s Story

Thank you for joining me as I travel with my now 13 year old son as he battles a very rough and very aggressive disease... Brain Cancer!
After a long and hard battle Justin past away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

And So It Continues...

September 2013 to August 2014 will always be the darkest time in my family’s life. During this span of time, my healthy 12-year old son became a cancer statistic and died. He has been gone a little over a month but it seems like an eternity. During our annual Firepokers camp outing, we spread his ashes at Addison Oaks. It was more of a symbolic gesture since we know he will always be with us in spirit. It is also fitting because this was the last camping trip the four of us had made as a family before he was diagnosed… Man, I miss that little boy so much!!!

I wish there was something more to write about… something to make everyone give a big sigh of relief or something to hold onto. I’m sad his journey ended, but relieved Justin’s suffering is no more. Every day I try to make sense of it and I just can’t!!! I try to be strong, I try to be happy but I really hate this “new” normal!!! I loved the old life we had. For the first time I cannot adequately put into words what life has become. We have been doing this parenting thing for over 20 years, the last 13 of them we have had to pull double duty. I got really lucky finding a woman who God only knows what she saw in me. I’m really glad she took the chance and decided to become my wife and the mother of our two children. I feel for the most part I am pretty good at this parenting thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am by no stretch of the imagination the “perfect parent”…I leave being perfect up to Carol.

I take a lot of pride with our daughter Jacqueline. She is smart, funny, compassionate and truly a good soul. I hate the fact she lost her brother, best friend and only sibling, but thankful they grew as close as they did. I am also very thankful she was blessed with kindness, understanding, and a streak of toughness she uses to put us in our place when things get rough

After he passed away, I was going through some of his stuff and was surprised to find an unseen DVD he had made about his family for a 6th grade media class. It is only a little over a minute long… but it’s him… its really him, and he’s thanking us for being his family. I will treasure this found gift forever.

Love you buddy!!!

13 forever!!!
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Eva Paonessa
blowing kisses to heaven always. I'm so happy you found that video, I hope you find many more treasures.
Sheila Jones
By Sheila Jones 'Always Sammy's Grammie'
So special!!! 💚
Linda Maison
By Linda Maison
Roy, that dvd you were talking about was called, "Gratitude." I worked with the kids in the media center and asked them to think about the little things that they were grateful for…I am grateful that you found it and that it may have brought a smile to your face. Maybe a message from an angel. Wishing you peace that only time can give. Much love to your whole family.
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Faye Glick
Roy - what a precious gift you found in this dvd - truly a treasure. There is no sense to be made nor words to say....You will all miss Justin forever & he will be forever in your hearts, & in mine, and in all the hearts of those that he & you & Carol & Jackie have touched so profoundly.
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Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
It's so hard to be torn between wanting him back so badly and being thankful that he is no longer suffering....such conflicting emotions. I know that in the perfect world, he wouldn't have had to go through this at all. I wish that had been the case. It is so special to read about that dvd you ran across, what a gift that is!! Be sure to copy it, just so you have a back up. I hope there are more gifts that you guys run across over time, too!
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