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Justin’s Story

Thank you for supporting us as our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor!  After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, my young super hero Justin passed away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

Hanging Out With Mom

Hey Buddy,

The weather at home is overcast but unseasonable warm for this time of year.  Mom and I are lying around the house in sweats, reading with the movie “Rudy” playing in the background. (Man, these St Jude commercials are hard to watch) Jackie’s at work and won’t be home until late. Your lazy, good for nothing piece of fur is doing what she does best…looking pretty!!! Any time you want to come get her, you know where the key is. Just leave a note so I don't buy anymore dog food LOL!

You probably already know that I started my second new job in the past 7 months.  I plan on staying with this one for as long as they will have me.  The owner is a great guy and has surrounded himself with a bunch of good people. I actual wake up excited and look forward to going to work in the mornings.  It feels good to be wanted!!!  You've met him before...When you were little, him and I actually joked about you and his daughter someday becoming a couple. He loves a good breakfast at our special place...We'll talk later. 

I’ll tell you what doesn’t feel good is this Achilles tendon injury I got last week when I slipped on the ice. I was helping load some of your old toys into Aunt Sally’s car to give to kids in her neighborhood who are less fortunate.  Anyway, I came around the back of the truck, slipped on the ice, slamming my right foot down causing small chucks of calcium in my heel to break off and lodge into the Achilles tendon.  To make a long story short, I'm on steroids, crutches and walking boot. You remember the “ Ugg boot”, right? I have come to realize just how uncomfortable the Ugg boots are and can only imagine how much pain you must have been in walking around. Damn, I should have carried you everywhere!!! Of course, you and I both know my foot injury hurts more and is worse than yours … what do you mean you don’t think so!! LOL!!! I hope the leg is better by the time I head down to a work conference in Florida. I’ll look kinda funny walking around the pool with a drink in one hand, wearing my speedo and a Ugg Boot!

Mom is pouting because your sister and I are both going to Florida without her. I’m going for work and Jackie is using her spring break to volunteer at “Give Kids the World”. It is an organization that fills the wishes of kids with life threating diseases and allows them to experience everything south central Florida has to offer. Jac is worried Bill and Melissa will have their baby while she is gone. Do you get to travel much? I’ve wondered what a day in heaven is like.  I mean outside of keeping an eye on all of us down here, do you have time for R&R? Ever get homesick?  If you do get homesick and you have time, come visit your sister and be nice to her.  She needs to know you’re there. How often do you see Uncle Bud, Uncle Bob, Lynn, Rodney and the countless of other friends and family members on that side?  No matter what side of heaven you’re on, you better be minding your manners and listening to your elders. Don’t get kicked out!!!

You know I was lying in bed this morning thinking how much better my life was with you physically in it. Three years ago I would have been lying there listening for signs that you and Jackie were up and either headed down the stairs to watch the countdown on VH-1 or jumping in our bed to watch it. Now a day’s I lay there thinking long and hard trying to find reasons to get out of bed.  Finally, the urge to pee is enough to get my feet on the floor and get me moving in the right direction. After the attack is launched the is mission accomplished and all is good, I head down the stairs say good morning to your picture and meet the day head on.

I could go on rambling but I’m afraid you’ll get bored, doze off, fall off your cloud and end up back in an Ugg boot (LOL). Stay with all of our friends and family still needing your help, (Jen & Jim) and thank you for being with Isabella while she was fighting pneumonia in the hospital.  Love and proud of you young man!!! Please visit often!!!




Mom, Jackie and Dad

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Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn — last edited
I'm so glad to read the new job is off to a good start! It sounds like a great fit and awesome people.

I'm sorry to read about your slip on the ice and all the damage/pain it caused...that sucks!! :( Praying the pain will subside and you'll feel back to normal, ASAP. I can't believe it's already about time for Bill & Melissa to have their baby...I know that I don't know them, but baby news is so exciting!!

I *LOVE* that Jackie is going to volunteer at GKTW...that's a goal of mine (likely when Karsten is older). It was almost 7 years ago when I had the opportunity to visit GKTW for a tour and it was so amazing. It really impacted me (then read Henri Landwirth's book "Gift of Life" on the plane ride home and realized so much more). I just recommended that book to a friend who was asking for suggestions of a book that impacted my life. (Jackie - I'm so proud of you for doing this and can't wait to hear about it...I wish I could join you!!) ♥

I am going to completely gloss over the speedo comment...that visual of your ugg boot, speedo and drink is too much to even put into words!! LOL Florida will be awesome, and I don't blame Carolyn from pouting...I mean, it's the middle of winter, in Michigan...and you guys are going to Florida. Just be therapy can be pretty intense!! :)

I love what Faye wrote...that's so perfect!! I think of Justin often and am continuing to hold your family in my prayers. I hope you all get lots of signs from above that bring comfort and smiles.
Faye Glick
By Faye
I'm pretty sure Justin's day in heaven starts when he hears you say your 'good morning' to him....
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