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Justin’s Story

Thank you for supporting us as our 13 year old son was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Brain Tumor!  After a long and hard fought battle with cancer, my young super hero, Justin passed away on August 07, 2014... He is one that will be missed by many!!!

Latest Journal Update

Catching Up

Hey Buddy,

I hope this writing finds you doing well and adjusting to your new home in heaven. It’s been nearly 3 months since you left us and a little over one year since the nightmare began.  I was looking back at the pictures from last year’s camping trip and you look so good. You’re laughing, playing guitar, and just being you!!! I would have never believed a week later I would be taking pictures of you in a hospital gown as you're being prepped for brain surgery. What’s even harder to believe is you were gone less than a year later. Everyone was hopeful and praying so hard you would be one of the miracle kids that defied all odds and beat cancer. No one was praying harder than me, mom and your sister for you to be cured.  I’m sorry but apparently it wasn’t meant to be…You’ll have to ask God why? I’m so hurt and disappointed God didn’t answer our prayers. I have one thing in life that makes me truly happy… being yours and Jacqueline dad.  I know, I know I still have Jacqueline and she needs me to protect her!!!

The trip to Memphis, our stay at St Jude and the holidays all seem to be a blur.  This sure isn’t the case now. Since you’ve been gone, time has seemingly stopped.  For us, it seems like you have been gone forever.

Your mom is doing well and her mammogram results have come back negative. See, all that worry about her not getting her treatment in time was for nothing. It did show how much you really love her. She really misses you… It was so nice of you to come and visit her in her dreams sing her a song and give her a hug. And the way you popped up your picture on her Kindle was classic…. That was you right??

Jackie is hanging in there. She misses you of course but doesn’t express it much. She and mom are up at Birchrun with the Biebuyck girls having a very much needed girls weekend. Jackie is doing a good job keeping mom and I in line. If it wasn’t for her telling us to suck it up, I think mom and I would walk around constantly crying.   Funny thing, I still here your voice in my head saying, “Dad…be nice to Jackie”!!!  Hey, if you get the chance, let her know that you’re watching over her. It would really mean a lot to her…

We all have decided to get and stay involved raising money for St Jude, Royal Oak Beaumont (Children’s Miracle Network) and the Ronald McDonald House. We’ve done two walks already and have a St Jude walk coming up on November 22nd at Lakeside Mall. Bill designed the team shirt and Melissa is our team captain. We are trying to get as many people as we can to join our team. WYCD is walking in your honor as well. Pretty cool, eh?

Well buddy that’s all the news for now. Tell all our friends and family on that side we all said “Hi”.  I will write you again soon.



P.S. I got a Super "J" tattoo in your honor... trust me, you'll love it!!! 

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Joseph Krendel
By Joseph A Krendel
Roy its beautiful we miss Justin lot to e& thinking about him a lot we wish we could meet him and hug him and you guys we love you like a family and all ways will be with you.
P.s. maybe you need to right a book in Justin owner and his story your journey and that will be very nice memory of supreme and his way trow life..will help a lot for people that did not know. Him to know him and the family better so maybe you can ad a video or record of him singing and some vedios from his lift time and all what he loved.we will do what ever it take to come to his memorial service. Love you guys miss Justin and prying for you hard.
Shawn Palicke
By Shawn and Laurie Palicke
Roy, you and your family are always on Laurie’s and my mind. We have a framed picture of Justin and Mason on the top of our refrigerator that we look at all the time, and the “Positive, Strong, and Together” glass sticker on our door leading out to world of ciaos. I know this doesn’t make you feel any better, but God works in mysterious ways and has a plan for each and every one of us. We may not comprehend the rhyme or reason of his plans at times. Though you feel hurt and disappointed in God, keep the faith in him and continue to stay “Positive, Strong, and Together” in all you, Carol, and Jacqueline do as you continue on in the test of life…..
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Faye Glick
By Faye
I can still hear Justin in the video singing that song. Now I know the name.
An awesome tribute to a very loved and dearly missed son...
Faye Glick
Hi Roy, I actually checked the site yesterday hoping to see a post...wondering how you all were, thinking of you, Jackie, Carol & of course, Justin. Sounds like Justin is keeping an eye on all of you, and will always be near and close to your hearts. The super "J" tattoo sounds awesome..but there really are no words....
Touched by Justin forever....
Roy Townsend
By Roy Townsend — last edited
I added a picture of the tattoo in the photo section. My 2nd tat will be a verse to a song he sang titled "Collide". "EVEN THE BEST FALL DOWN SOMETIMES"
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Kim Vaughn
By Kim Vaughn
It's absolutely heartbreaking to consider how quickly things can change in life. I know you miss Justin and love him. It's good to hear from you....my prayers continue for your family. I'm sure Justin understands more than we could even grasp right now, I just don't know that I'd ever fully understand why things like this happen. You should post a tattoo pic! :) That's an awesome tribute to him. Keep on keeping on....
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Dan Hill
By Dan Hill
Always thinking of you guys, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Huggs Bro
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Michelle Gregorich
By Michelle Gregorich
You don't know me. I am friends with John and June and also the Palicke family.
My mom and I have followed Justin's story from the beginning.
I have only posted once in the beginning but I had to say I loved hearing about the visits from justin!! I believe it was him!
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Dolores Moore
By Dee Moore, Waterville, MN (Aunt of Melissa & Bill)
Not 2 days go by that You and your family are in my thoughts. Continue to share about Justin. He is listening and watching over you. I too am walking in honor of your Justin here in Minnesota on November 22nd at the Mall of America. I am raising $$'s for St. Jude cause. We will all walk together with Justin on our mind as well as the fight for CANCER to be eradicated some day. Blessings to you and your family.
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Joyce LaForest-Yates
By Joyce LaForest-Yates
Hello Roy, Even though Justin has left us for a better place, I want you to know that you and your family are still in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for peace and tranquility for each of you as you go through your day. Time heals our hearts and the time will come that you will be able to think of him without sadness. Take care and know that you will always be remembered by many.
Joyce LaForest-Yates
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