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Justin’s Story

Justin was first diagnosed with Testicular Cancer on 12/20/12.  After a sonagram, CAT scan, Bone Scan, PET scan and Brain MRI, they found that the cancer had spread to the left lymphatic system, but not to any other organs, brain, or bones.

He started his first round of chemo on Thursday night the 27th of December, 2012.  He will more than likely need four rounds.  Each round consisting of five nights in the hospital followed by two weeks and two days at home.

We continue to pray for a complete recovery and covet the prayers of all who wish to do the same.

It's in God's hands and we know He is able to perform miracles.

Latest Journal Update


Wednesday, August 14

Our God is so good! Justin had CT scans and blood work yesterday, on his 19th birthday. We got the results today. The scans were clear and blood work/tumor markers are all normal! Thank you, Lord! Thanks,also, to everyone for your prayers. The power of prayer and keeping faith in God continues to carry us through!