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My Story

This is Justin's story...On 12/20/07, Justin was rushed to Connecticut Children's Medical Center by the Life Star team, he was experiencing a long siezure and was turning blue.

Justin had received his four month immunizations on this date and we thought it was due to the shots. He spent 24 hours in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and then another 24 hours in the regular inpatient unit. Justin had an EEG done that was abnormal and we were told he may still have seizures. He was put on phenobarbitol and released. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, Justin experienced small seizures at home. On three different occasions he was brought to the ER for seizures that were prolonged. He needed an IV with medicine administered to stop these. We were told Justin had infant epilepsy but that there is always an underlying cause, and finding that cause may be difficult. Justin's medications were adjusted numerous times, until 1/29/08, when he was again rushed to the ER for a prolonged seizure. He was admitted to the hospital for 8 days. Justin was just released today :). Fortunately, Justin has had a normal MRI , but his EEG is still showing abnormalities on both sides of his brain. He is on two different seizure medications, but is still experiencing daily seizures, along with developmental delays. The neurologists say the most important thing is to get his seizures under control. Different blood tests are still being done to try and identify a cause. Justin meets with Birth to Three tommorow and we are hoping this will help with some of the develomental delays. This has been a very scary and emotional experience for my family, but we are staying strong and are remaining optimistic. Justin is a fighter and he will not let this get in his way!!!


rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

Good morning.    May is National Mobility Month.  I have entered Justin in the Local Hero contest for our chance to win a handicap accessible van.  The three winners ... Read more

Howard Beeler and Susan Daly signed Justin's's Guestbook.

Justin looks like one handsome boy with great parents and grandparents.  We wish the best for Justin and we hangouts know that he is in our thoughts and prayers. Read more

Alan Anderson & Maureen Reeves Anderson signed Justin's's Guestbook.

In honor of Justin's Journey.. No one should have to endure a seizure never mind a child and multiple ones at that. We hope he is able to grow out of them soon! Read more

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rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

I spoke with Justin's liver Dr. this evening.  Although we had some information from his liver biopsy, which was just that his liver was saturated with iron, we have been ... Read more

rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

Justin's condition seems like an uphill battle at times.  Would like to ask for thoughts and prayers for a liver biopsy he will be having on Tuesday.  As I mentioned in ... Read more

rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

Happy Fall.  One of my favorite times of year.  Justin is doing great.  He turned five in August,  and started Kindergarten last month.  He had a bit of a bumpy ... Read more

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Thinking back since I started doing these entries in 12/07, it is comforting to know that my entries are far and fewer apart as things have really seemed to settle down at ... Read more

rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

Just wanted to give an update.  I am always glad when I have only positive things to write.  Justin is doing great.  He just had a routine check up with his neurologist ... Read more

rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

Another year coming to an end and a new one beginning.  This past year we were truelly blessed.  Justin remained siezure free with the exception of two in November, ... Read more

rebecca Busick-Dyment posted a new journal entry.

I can't believe how quickly time escapes me, and that it has been four months since I have updated this page.  The holidays are already  approaching and I wonder ... Read more

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