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Justin’s Story

Justin was waiting for the bus the morning of June 10th. Just like always, except this day, would forever change his life.

A lady driving a car veered off the road that morning and hit Justin at approx 40 miles an hour launching his broken body 150 feet, he landed in nearby brush and bushes just 5 feet away from the car. Local first responders missed over Justin while attending to the driver of the car who had a broken arm and was taken to the hospital. All the while she failed to mention she had hit anyone. Nearly 2 hours later Charlie Barrett heard Justin's faint cry for help. Justin was life flighted to peace health south west medical center fighting for his life. After losing 2/3 of his blood supply while laying in a ditch he was in critical condition and rushed in to the operating room to try and repair two broken femurs and a severed femoral artery. Regaining blood flow to his right lower leg was priority. A team of
Surgeons diligently saved Justin's life and at that time, all his limbs.

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Latest Journal Update


One of Justin's ROTC cadets Kyle Harris is working with Walk to Stop which is a suicide prevention program, has invited our family to attend a benefit concert in the park (Battleground Village Park) tomorrow night. Justin's fello cadets will be selling cotton candy and some of the proceeds will help fund Justin's leg. I'm so proud to be an ROTC mom! This huge family has shown so much support for Justin this last month it's unreal! He misses being in ROTC and can't wait to go back in the fall and start shooting on the air rifle team again. He misses his coaches, his Col and his Chief as well. We were able to stop by the school on Wednesday to say hi to the cadets who are in a summer leadership program. The kids surrounded the car in anticipation to see Justin. The look on their faces was priceless. It was like Justin has come home from war. Which in some sense, he has.

May God richly bless all of your souls for being such great people in your support and love for our child. May your children also be blessed for the love and support they show daily.

Loves to you all.