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Julie Denise’s Story

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On Saturday, August 18, 2007 accident at approximately 1:30AM Julie was in a car on 102nd street, Meriden. We are not completely sure of what caused the accident. This is what we have been able to piece together from the stories others have told us and what we witnessed when we arrived on the scene of the accident. Julie left the Haid’s house close to 1:30. She made it about a mile then for some unknown reason the car rolled. Julie was thrown from the car. The car landed on top of Julie pinning her under the exhaust system. The car did not shut off. It continued to run. Julie was trapped under the car for approximately an hour. All this time the car was burning her lower body.

According to the person who found her, Julie screamed and beat on the car until help came. The person who found her had come home late and heard her screaming. She and her husband went looking for her. They found her under the car approximately 90 ft into the field across the road from their house. The woman called 911. While the man ran back to the house to get a jack. He returned and stared lifting the car. The rescue team arrived. Julie was unresponsive at this point. They intubated her to make her breath.

Meanwhile, the Haids heard the report on the scanner. Tina called us to see if Julie had made it home. Craig went to her room and outside to check for her car. Julie wasn’t home. We threw on our clothes and headed for Haid’s. We saw all the emergency vehicles. Craig jumped from the car and ran to Julie. Craig saw them remove Julie from the under the car.

Tina Haid kept me in on the road and helped me call Brian and Melissa. The EMT told us they had called for Life Star to fly her to KU med. They said that is where she needed to be because of her burns. We left before Life Star landed in the field.

She arrived at KU med at approximately 4 AM. They evaluated her and took her to the Burnett Burn Center Intensive Care Unit. She had a bruised lung, buckled pelvis, broken pubic bone, and 3rd degree burns on her bottom, parts of her thighs and all of her calves and feet. She had the worst burns on her right leg. She had a large section of 4th degree burns on her right leg. They had to perform a procedure on both legs to relieve the pressure to allow blood flow to prevent her from loosing her legs.

Third-degree burns (full-thickness burns) injure all the skin layers and tissue under the skin.

Fourth-degree burns extend through the skin to injure muscle, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and bones. These burns always require medical treatment.

All her other injuries are minor to her burns. Her burns are priority number 1, especially the 4th degree burns on her right leg.

She is heavily sedated and on the ventilator. She is on the ventilator to let her lungs rest and heal from the bruise and to allow her to be heavily sedated because of the pain.

She had surgery this morning, Aug 19 at 7:45. They cleared away the dead skin and put cadaver skin on her burns. If the cadaver skin isn’t rejected immediately then they have a good bed for the skin grafts. Her body should reject it in about a week. Then they will harvest healthy skin from her outer thighs and graft it on her burns.

Her right knee is very swollen and full of blood. They don’t know why. The CT and x-rays show no fractures. They will continue to watch it and take more photos.

She will have surgery again tomorrow, Monday, August 20 at 7:45 AM to remove the dead muscles in her right leg. They will cut the dead muscle away until they reach healthy muscle. Then they will decide if they can do a ligament or tendon transplant or if they need to amputate her leg from the knee down. We will know what they are going to do after the surgery tomorrow.

Please keep Julie in your prayers. Pray for a fast recovery, strength, endurance, protection from infection and any other complications. Pray she has a positive attitude.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Craig, Pam, Brian, Melissa, & Julie Vandervoort

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Latest Journal Update


Hi, long time since you received an update.   Julie had an ingrown toe nail in June. She went to her family doctor 3 times for it. He gave her different antibiotics. Finally he ended up removing her toe nail on July 28. I took her to Sunflower prompt care on Tues evening because it ws still tender, red, and swollen. They gave her antibiotics. On went on Saturday for my school physical and TB test, they asked about her. I called Julie & asked about her toe (because she doesn't complain, she hadn't said anything.)  Her toe wasn't any better. They saw her again on Saturday & ordered x-rays for Monday. They called last evening. Her infection has gone into the bone. She needs to get into an orthopedic doctor ASAP. All of us are upset. Julie is afraid they are going to have to amputate her big toe. Also, her knee of her "little leg" has been hurting/achy since her surgery on it on July 29th. Her wedding is scheduled for Oct 3, just 1 month away. She won't want to postpone it, either. Please put her on your prayer list & ask others you know who will pray to pray for her, too.

BTW -- Trennyn is doing awsome. Pulling himself up, crawling, waving hi & bye, picking up food with his index finger and thumb only 7.5 months old. He weights 23 lbs! What a big, smart, cute guy! Colbee is fine, too. :)  

Thank you and God bless you! Pam