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Julian's New Cast

Julian getting his cast off. He wore headphones because the sound is so loud.

Julian getting his cast off. He wore headphones because the sound is so loud.

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Yesterday we went back to Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento to get Julian's cast changed. The doctor said he was impressed with the change in Julian's foot in just a week. When we went last week, Julian's foot could only be bent to a 10 degree angle. Now it is at neutral, which is really good. The doctor wants to give it another week to see how much better the movement can get. He was going back and forth on whether or not to cast his left foot as well, but since it is "braceable" we decided to leave it alone for now. He said it will just be a waiting game to see how long the improvement lasts, and that Julian may end up needing Botox. Julian had the old cast removed and chose green for his new cast. Next week we will have the cast removed in Reno at his orthtist's office so he can be measured for new braces, then we will make the trip to Shriner's again on Thursday to see what improvement his foot has made. In the meantime, the cast does not seem to bother Julian. He doesn't really want to walk or stand on it, but I don't blame him. He can get around just fine on his knees and butt with it. But he hasn't had a real bath since he first got the cast because he can't get it wet. It will be nice when it is finally off and he can be clean again!

I also added a bunch of new photos, so go check them out!