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My Story

Juliana was diagnosed with stage 3, group 3 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma on 3/7/07. She had 6 weeks of radiation therapy and 14 rounds of chemotherapy. Julie relapsed on 3/17/11 and received another 12 rounds of chemotherapy and 5 more weeks of radiation therapy. Julie relapsed a second time on 6/5/12 and received 12 more rounds of chemotherapy and 10 more weeks of radiation therapy. She relapsed a third time 3/17/14 and after surgery that removed 90% of the new tumor had five more weeks of radiation therapy and two more rounds of chemotherapy. She is now on oral chemotherapy and will remain on it for the foreseeable future. Please keep Julie in your prayers!

Until Sunday, February 18, 2007 we had no idea there was anything wrong with our beautiful, happy, confident five-year-old daughter. She came into our room that morning complaining about a "bump" under her right arm. The bump turned out to be a swollen lymph node and we discovered the next day at the pediatrician's office that she also had a tumor on her right forearm. After x-rays and an MRI, we received that awful call from the doctor--it appeared the tumor was cancerous and that it had matastisized to the lymph node. The next two weeks went by in a blur as we drove back and forth each day to the hospital for exams, blood work, numerous scans, a biopsy and surgery. Julie's treatment will include weekly chemotherapy for 42 weeks, daily radiation for six weeks and possibly more surgery to remove the tumor after is shrinks.

We adopted Julie from Minsk, Belarus on August 26, 2003 when she was 20 months old. We believe that God placed her in our family for a reason. Had she remained in the orphanage in Belarus, she would not have received treatment for her cancer. Instead, God allowed her to be adopted into an American family where some of the best medical care in the world is within driving distance and surrounded her with many, many loving, caring family members and friends.


Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry, "Having Fun at the Ocean!".

No hospital or doctors in our plans this week! Juliana is having a great time in Ocean City. We are staying at Believe in Tomorrow's House on the Bay and it's beautiful. ... Read more

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Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry.

Juliana was supposed to see her oncologist today, but she was feeling really tired and having headaches yesterday so we went in early. All of her blood counts were low and ... Read more

Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry.

Juliana saw her ophthalmologist on Monday. Her vision is unchanged and besides some dryness from the radiation therapy, everything looks good. He said it is now unlikely ... Read more

Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry, "Back home".

Last night when Juliana went to sleep she had a fever and her arm was getting worse, but by this morning the fever was gone and her arm looked MUCH better. She spent most ... Read more

Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry, "Cellulitis??".

When Juliana woke up this morning, she said her arm was hurting (of course it was her right arm just above where her original tumor was). I checked it and there was a ... Read more

Tamara Carver posted a new journal entry.

By last Thursday afternoon Juliana was feeling really tired and told me she didn't think she could make until her Tuesday appointment for a blood transfusion. I took her ... Read more

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I am praying for you Juliana.   Many prayers and ((((HUGS)))) sent your way.   C.O.L.E's Prayer TeamCaring Openly, Loving ... Read more

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