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Dr. Drack is Back

A quick update for the journal (and my memory will thank me later). 

We "graduated" from neurology a few months back. I was so excited, but I would only allow us a brief reprieve. I thought, if Jude's medical problems aren't neurological, and they are more visual, who is our go-to doctor?  We used to see a peds neuro-ophthalmologist. So I started with him. But he no longer see's patients in the eye department. 

So I remembered our wonderful Dr. Drack. She is a ped eye disorder physician. We had seen her previously. Her bio is amazing and can be read here. We called and got an appointment with her. 

We hadn't taken Jude to an opthalmology appointment in more than a year. I forgot how long they take. You see the resident. He examines Jude. You see a med student. She examine Jude. They consult with Dr. Drack. They determine to dilate his eyes. They ask you to take a walk for 20-30 minutes for the dilation to happen. Then you see the doctor. She tries to examine Jude. By then, Jude was more than ready to be done. If anyone asked my opinion, they should send in the specialty doctor first, then have all the other people poke at us. 

Dr. Drack was not able to tell much about if his vision had changed. She didn't think anything looked worse regarding his pale optic nerve. But she is still very concerned about Jude's lack of vision and what caused his nerve to be pale. So she is asking us to come back in 6 months and we will repeat several medical tests that can give us conclusive data on his vision. That way we will know if it changes for better or worse later. We love how invested Dr. Drack is in Jude. She is really concerned and wants to learn more. I feel better knowing that she is leading Jude's eye care team at the University of Iowa. 

Jude's vision is about 20/125. Legally blind is 20/200. So he really can't see well. But he fools people. He has functional vision. Dr. Drack was really impressed with Chris' latest technique to help Jude see. Jude says "I can't see it." Chris takes a photo of it with his iPhone. Jude holds the photo close, and then he can see it better.

Unrelated, we also saw Jude's ENT. Jude has a tube still in one ear from 2010. The other tube has fallen out. A few months ago, that ear was completely filled with fluid. He wasn't able to hear anything from that side. Of course, we didn't know it. So we checked again now, and the fluid was improved in that ear now. It wasn't 100% better, so we go back in January to re-evaluate new tubes. 

What a ride. I feel like Jude's professional chauffer most days. But he's getting to be a pretty good traveling buddy. Thanks for joining us on the journey.