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4/6/2014 Update by Bob, Josh's Dad.

Sorry it's been so long without an update. Beth and Josh just welcomed Parker into the family on 3/28 at 2:38pm, 9 lbs. 4 oz..  Josh is getting much stronger.  He, also, has a new found love for prime rib and can put it away very quickly , which is helping him (and unfortunately I) gain some weight!!!  Josh is pretty much back to "like it never happened" mode.   Absolutely a Miracle

  Beth Johnson, Josh Johnson and Parker getting ready to go home! It took a Miracle to get Josh (and the rest of us) to THIS Miracle. Notice Beth is in the hospital bed this time and JOSH is having to help her........ but, for a GOOOOD reason. It's still hard to believe Josh's journey back to life started just a few floors below(St. Cloud Hospital)..... just a few months ago.
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1 Comment

GailE Oltz
By GailE Oltz
It is hard to believe a few months back that was Josh in a hospital bed. I really am thankful for everyone who helped with josh's recovery. It truly has been a miracle, But I believe it took a lot of prayers and a never ending faith that Josh would make it. I was amazed at the strength my daughter had during those rough months. She never once talked about the what if even though she knew it was a possibility. As I sat in the hospital room holding the newest miracle I couldn't help but look over and smile at Josh thinking how wonderful it was to see his beaming face on their newest little miracle. I now believe miracles can happen and do, I have seen it twice in less than 6 months. It is great to see Josh smiling and laughing, he is my one of a kind son-in-law and I would have missed that.