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2/2/2014 Update by Bob, Josh's Dad.

Spent most of Saturday with Josh. Really was a great day .....especially not knowing if he was going to be with us a couple months ago, I'm still trying to absorb it all yet. We started the day in St Cloud, then to Rogers, then to surprise Mom in Brooklyn Center and then made the trip to uncle Jerry in Prescott,Wisconsin........Then back to Clearwater to drop him off to Beth. He still struggles with walking and we had to walk it a bit slow in the stores today. His goal for today was to find an ice auger (don't let coming back from dead make a dent in the ice fishing time).

As far as medical things......ALL tubes are out of Josh. The ones that used to be in his pancreas and gallbladder are gone. He's still a little weak and has balance issues off and on but, overall continues to get stronger. The Dr's said at first it would be a couple years for a full recovery...then a they're talking 2-4 months. Sounds like The Miracle continues on. Beth and Josh were at Medtronics this week to speak with all the folks there, and to let them know what they are doing does make a difference. Both of them had to speak in front of a couple hundred people, which is the last thing they would imagine themselves having to do. They took pictures of Josh and Beth. These Photos will be made into life-sized foam cutouts and will be put at the entrance to every "Sterile" room they have to remind them what their doing matters. Medtronics made the ECMO machine that kept Josh alive for his first couple weeks at the U of M. They gave Josh a heart pump that would fit the same machine that he was attached to.

I told Josh on the way home tonight that I was STILL going to go get him one of those kid floatation tubes with the animal head on it to be taken with every time he goes ice fishing. We shall see how far that goes.....and yes, we found an auger.