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In Honor of Joshua

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Joshua’s Story

Josh was diagnosed with Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidneys in January 2007. Treatment ended in September 2007. After 10 rounds of chemotherapy, 6 days of radiation, and surgery to remove each tumor from the kidneys Josh was cancer-free and doing GREAT! However, a biopsy was done July 2008 and cancer cells were present.

My name is Joshua Hardy and in January 2007, I was diagnosed with Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidneys. I had a tumor on each of my kidneys. The left tumor was about the size of a softball when it was discovered and the right was about the size of a walnut. They had orginally thought that I also had a mass in my chest but, Praise God it was just an enlarged gland. I was considered to be stage 5 and had little to no chance. My treatment ended in September 2007. I had 10 rounds of chemotherapy, 6 days of radiation, and I had surgery to remove each tumor from both of my kidneys.

In July 2008 a biopsy was done and cancer cells were present in the thymus gland. This is the gland that has been an area of question since the beginning. It has now developed into a problem that needs attention. We will do 12 days of radiation and 2 or 3 more rounds of chemotherapy. There is a lot of hope that this incident can be eradicated. We continue to put all of our hope and faith in GOD.

Our prayer is to give thanks to GOD for a long healthy life filled with joy and blessings with Joshua and our other children. We give all the glory to GOD. Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for adding Josh to your prayer list.

Latest Journal Update


Hi everyone!

Thought I should put out an update. We were in Memphis all last week for various appointments and testing.

Psalm‬ ‭66‬:‭16‬ NIV~Come and hear, all you who fear God; let me tell you what he has done for me.....

Josh's heart is doing very well. The cardiologist has commented that a heart that has had the damage that Josh's heart has endured should never recover. But miraculously Josh's heart has recovered to the low end of normal which is absolutely amazing. And they believe with exercise it should continue to improve. Thank You GOD.

His kidneys continue to be fine after their miraculous recovery too. His bone marrow continues to be 100% new donor. His gut issues seemed to have resolved themselves.

Josh has had some tremendous successes after such a traumatic bone marrow transplant. We still need to pray for some specific things though...

Josh's immune system still has not come back yet. He is still having to take a steroid that is believed to be suppressing his immune system. However when we try to discontinue the steroid Josh's lung function starts to drop. So the steroid is supporting his Oxygen Saturation and suppressing his immune system. We have had Catch 22's before and GOD has seen us through. The medical and physical conflict in Josh is always resolved. I share this Catch 22 with you because like past dilemmas, things were not resolved until I asked all of you to pray for Josh. Your prayers and GOD's promise have worked every time.

So....Please pray that Josh's lungs function according to the way GOD intended human lungs to function, without the aid of any steroid. Receiving Oxygen and distributing it to his body the way they were created.

Please also pray that we can once and for all rid steroids from Josh's life. Please pray that Josh's immune system will make its triumphant return very soon.

Also give thanks in prayer that Josh's strength and endurance are improving with every therapy session and with every water balloon he throws. He has essentially had to relearn how to walk and move safely. We are so grateful for the progress he has made and we look forward to his full recovery.

Thank you for your prayers.

We will be going back to Memphis in August for another round of check ups. I look forward to having good news of answered prayers for you. Until next time have fun.

Love Aimee

Dear GOD~

Thank you for answered prayers. Thank you for all the loving people that pray with us. Thank you for strengthening my faith and trust in you with each miracle we have witnessed. Thank you for using us to display Your Mercy and Healing Power. Thank you for Josh's full recovery. I fully trust You have healed Josh "by the Stripes of Jesus"~1Peter-2:24. It is in Jesus name we give Thanks in Prayer---Amen.
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Hope Wills
I see him smiling!! great news! Thanks for sharing! :) Much love.
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Kathleen Wilson
By Kathleen Wilson
God is Good All the Time......All the Time God is Good
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Linda Reynolds
Wow! That is amazing and good news! With the heart & kidneys working well that should help his immune system & lungs. As always, praying for continued strength, physically & spiritually, specific needs & full on recovery! Yay Josh & Thank you Jesus!
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sylvia perryman
By Terry and Sylvia
Our prayers will be for Josh's body to be completely healed through God's loving power of healing.
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Lisa Fisher
By Lisa
Always praying for sweet Josh! Now I will pray more specifically. Looking forward to the complete manifestation of Josh's healing - to God be the glory! Thanks for the update, Aimee.
Love and huge hugs to the Hardy family!! xoxo
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Daniel Zappa
By Daniel Zappa — last edited
Love you guys. Here's to fully functional lungs as God designed!
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Stacey Hilderbrand
By The Hilderbrand's
Thank you so much for the update. We will be specifically praying for these requests and thanking the Lord for the miracles.
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AnnMarie Fleetwood
By AnnMarie Fleetwood
Will continue to keep Josh and the whole Hardy family in my prayers.
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Betty Marshall
By Betty Marshall
I will continue to pray for Josh and all of you. Josh, keep throwing the water balloons!!! Prayers coming your way!!
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Amanda Rihn
By Amanda
Thank you Aimee and Hardy family for sharing this update! Keep on enjoying those water balloons and time together in VA!
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