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Joshua’s Story

Josh was diagnosed with Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidneys in January 2007. Treatment ended in September 2007. After 10 rounds of chemotherapy, 6 days of radiation, and surgery to remove each tumor from the kidneys Josh was cancer-free and doing GREAT! However, a biopsy was done July 2008 and cancer cells were present.

My name is Joshua Hardy and in January 2007, I was diagnosed with Malignant Rhabdoid Tumor of the Kidneys. I had a tumor on each of my kidneys. The left tumor was about the size of a softball when it was discovered and the right was about the size of a walnut. They had orginally thought that I also had a mass in my chest but, Praise God it was just an enlarged gland. I was considered to be stage 5 and had little to no chance. My treatment ended in September 2007. I had 10 rounds of chemotherapy, 6 days of radiation, and I had surgery to remove each tumor from both of my kidneys.

In July 2008 a biopsy was done and cancer cells were present in the thymus gland. This is the gland that has been an area of question since the beginning. It has now developed into a problem that needs attention. We will do 12 days of radiation and 2 or 3 more rounds of chemotherapy. There is a lot of hope that this incident can be eradicated. We continue to put all of our hope and faith in GOD.

Our prayer is to give thanks to GOD for a long healthy life filled with joy and blessings with Joshua and our other children. We give all the glory to GOD. Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for adding Josh to your prayer list.

Latest Journal Update


Sorry for the delay in an update. We hit the ground running when we got home this weekend from Memphis. We had a busy 3 days with oodles of tests ran while we were there. Praise GOD Josh has no evidence of disease!

His heart is on the low end of normal (which is good) and we need to make sure he maintains a healthy blood pressure. His kidney function is good. Blood work is great.

Josh's lungs have taken a lot of hits through the years and at this time they are very weak. (I say "at this time" because we look not at the symptoms but at the promises of GOD's Word because symptoms are subject to change according to the promise of GOD's Word.) [A phrase I picked up from an inspirational book I read last year. Wished I could remember which one so I could give proper credit.]

Anyway, Josh's doctor is really focused on improving Josh's lungs. Improved lungs help gain strength and endurance. To help Josh's lungs, the doctor added another dose of steroids which should help. However, steroids suppress the immune system so we are not closer "at this time" to the full return of Josh's immune system. So we are still going to limit his exposure to people as best we can, especially during the cold and flu season. So far the 3 feet rule, wearing a mask, excessive hand washing, and the Grace of GOD has worked to keep Josh healthy. We praise GOD for this miracle because we have had strep, tummy bugs, and colds rip through the rest of us.

So the one year check up was a success but we still have work to do. We are working hard to get a home health physical therapist and occupational therapist to come so Josh can get therapy he so badly needs. Our best option so far has been the school system but it takes a lot of hoops and time to get that going. We have been spoiled with extreme efficiency from St. Jude's, I get anxious when I look at how long this process has taken. I am very grateful the school has a solution to our situation though. I just want it done yesterday.

The doctor wanted us to return to Memphis on Feb 3rd for some additional testing they were not able to fit in on this visit. That idea made our heads spin. Josh told him the real reason we come to Memphis is to go to Grizzlie Basketball games and since there were no games that week, we were going to have to reschedule those appointments. So he did. We do not have to return to Memphis until March 24. Memphis plays Cleveland on 3/25. (But don't worry, we are not even going to bother with Lebron this time. We are just going to watch the Grizzlies hopefully whip his tail.) ;)

I have to admit I would really like Josh's recovery to come about faster. We have so much to be thankful for though. I find myself with each day of this new year remembering exactly what we did on this day last year. Josh has come so far and been through so much. We have seen GOD at work so dramatically. Soooo many reasons to be so thankful. Thank you for joining us in Praise and Thanksgiving.

You can see we enjoyed a "snow day" on Tuesday. Josh truly enjoyed it with his brothers at home. So nice just to be together.

I plan to update again soon. Until next time, have fun.

Love~ Aimee

Dear LORD~

Thank YOU for a safe and successful trip to Memphis. PRAISE YOU Josh has no evidence of disease. PRAISE YOU that everything Josh is working through right now has already been fixed by YOU. Thank YOU for YOUR Word and YOUR Promise. I have claimed Josh's full and complete healing in JESUS' name and I believe we will get nothing less. We just keep moving forward through this miracle YOU have prepared for us. It is in JESUS' name I give Thanks in Prayer---AMEN!!!
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19 Comentarios

Amanda Clark
By Amanda Clark
Hey Aimee. Brackin and I have been keeping up with Josh on Caring Bridge. We are so glad everything is going well. Brackin sure misses seeing his St. Jude buddies. We are due back in Memphis in March as well. Gonna see if we can arrange to be there when you guys are there and maybe we can make that Grizzlies game with you guys!! Prayers for you guys!! Hope to see you soon!! Tell Josh Hi from Brackin!!!
Vicki West
By Vicki West
This is just amazing news!!!! Awesome Sauce!!! Glad all is going so well! Praise God and all his health care angels who watch over as Josh's Journey continues!
AnnMarie Fleetwood
By AnnMarie Fleetwood
Continuing to keep positive thoughts for Josh and his health. I know good things will happen to a special young man!
Sarah Stein
By Sarah Stein
Have you tried Medi Home Health? They used to have PT's for in home care. Their phone number is (540) 361-7696. Please let me know how else that I can help.
Barbara Gertzen
By Barb Gertzen
Stay the course, Joshua -- you've come this far, and you've got an entire army arrayed behind you, with one overwhelmingly powerful Commander-in-Chief -- besides your Mom and your family!

You remain in my thoughts and prayers -- enjoy the snow (personally, if spring came tomorrow I wouldn't be upset, but all in good time... as we all know)! We will enjoy each day now as it presents itself!

Love to you all,
Barbara Gertzen
By Barb Gertzen — last edited
Hi Hardy Family.
This is very good news! Stay the course, Josh; you know you have an army rallying behind you -- and one overwhelmingly powerful Commander-in Chief -- in addition to your Mom and your family!
Enjoy winter time's fun with your brothers -- personally, it woud be OK with me if spring accelerated its arrival!
Continued good health to you; your entire family is in my thoughts and prayers.
Raysheena Thomas
By Raysheena
Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Jesus!
sylvia perryman
By Terry & Sylvia
How wonderful prayers are answered. It seems the doctors have Josh on the right track to a complete healing. Praying the steroids help his lungs and his immune system can get stronger each and every day. It is great to see a picture of all your boys together outside enjoying the snow. Take care and always in our thoughts and prayers.
Walter Wildman
By Jean & W. C. Wildman

We continue to keep Josh in our daily prayers!