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Happy Father's Day to my Father in Heaven!!! Thank you for the great men you have placed in my life. Thank you for Todd, who is my partner in this journey. I am so blessed to have such a strong husband and tremendous father to our sons. Thank you for my own Dad who has taught me so much about life and how to love. Thank you for my father in law for his passionate love for his family. Thank you for all the good men in our lives that set great examples for my sons to follow. The uncles, the neighbors, the men of GOD who all impact my sons' character and well being. May they know who they are and may they have a fantastic Father's Day.

Thank you all for your prayers! Glory to GOD, Josh's healing is manifesting itself more every day!!!

Josh has been able to shed those dreaded tubes from his nose. He can eat and drink on his own now that we have no need to bypass his stomach or help him empty it. Everyday the range of food and drink he can tolerate expands. His GI tract is really coming around.

Now that Josh is eating, we are really going to ramp up his physical activity to really build up his strength and get him walking and running. With each day of strength gained, we will push harder to achieve Josh's full and complete recovery that I know belongs to him.

But the greatest news of all is....

We can see Josh's kidney function returning!!!! Based on his blood work, we can tell that his kidneys are clearing and filtering as they should. He has had a string of days where he has been voiding at least 600mls of tinkle. Now we are watching for his body to be able to control the fluid balance on its own. We are going to attempt to skip dialysis tomorrow. (And hopefully everyday after tomorrow...) He has managed the fluid well so far this weekend and I am confident in the LORD we will be able to go without dialysis tomorrow.

Since Josh is eating on his own, we no longer need to feed him through IV fluid (TPN). With needing less IV access, Josh will soon be replacing the Pic line he has been using with a port. This switch to a port is a huge step in the right direction. A port will give him the freedom to shower and swim and move effortless without the concern of one wrong move and he has pulled the line out. My prayer is by the time they have set the port procedure time, they will be ready to also remove the dialysis catheter so Josh will have true freedom from all external lines. (John 15:7 NIV~ If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.)

1 Peter 5:10 NIV~ And the God of all grace, who called Josh to HIS eternal glory in Christ, after Josh has suffered a little while, GOD Himself will restore Josh and make Josh strong, firm and steadfast.

I continue to have Faith that Josh's Body is Healed. Josh's Body is whole. Josh's Body will function according to the way GOD created a human body to function. By Jesus' Stripes Josh is healed. I read in a book called 10 Hours to Live~"God has a long track record and has never failed. No one who has put his trust in Him has been ashamed." I truly believe with all my heart in that statement.

We are not exactly sure when we will be returning to Fredericksburg but I am optimistic it will be sooner rather than later. Thank you for your prayers for Josh. I will be in touch.

Love~ Aimee

Dear LORD~

Thank YOU so much for excitement we feel every time we see Josh progress a little closer to his full recovery. Thank YOU for giving me YOUR Word to cling to during this trial in our lives. Thank YOU for the opportunity to be a part of bringing Glory to YOUR Name as everyone watches YOU manifest Josh's complete healing. It is through YOUR Son's life, death, and resurrection that I have Faith that Josh is Healed. Thank YOU for loving us so much that YOU would send Jesus to save us and heal us. It is in Jesus' name I give Thanks in prayer---AMEN!

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Vicki Crowder
By Vicki Crowder — last edited
Warms my heart to hear the wonderful news, AND to see Josh sitting up smiling. What a cute button he is! Prayers for his continuing recovery to strength and wellness. With much love from Fxbg! <3
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Great Aunt Kay Bridges
By Kay Bridges
God is good
Edie Sodergren
By Edie Sodergren
Wonderful news, keep up the good work Josh. Will keep you in our prayers. Hope you can soon go home. Happy Summer!
Karol Dreibelbis
By Karol Dreibelbis
Great news! Way to go, Josh! Prayers for continued healing.
Elizabeth Martin
By Elizabeth Martin
Wonderful news! I am so happy that Josh is making progress and you are staying strong for him.
Denise Thompson
By Denise Thompson
Glad to hear Joshua is improving every day. Thank God for his healing! I was glad to see you post his progress cause ihad him on my mind .My prayers are with you always.
sylvia perryman
Hi Hardy family, Josh looks really good in his Phillies shirt. I bet his list of things to do is growing as he starts to feel better and better. This is wonderful news about how well his body is responding. Prayer is wonderful. Stay safe and enjoy each and every day. Terry and Sylvia
Michelle Moore
By Cousin Michelle M.
So much pleasure in reading your post on this beautiful Monday morning! Love to all!
Carly Apaliski
By Carly A. (Pittsburgh)
I just love to read this awesome news!!! Your unwavering faith absolutely astounds me!! You are an amazingly strong family and YOU are ALL doing this together! So much tougher than I can even imagine, but with the most beautiful Grace! I continue to keep you all in my prayers. Happy summer to you and your boys😎
Kelly Forebaugh
By Kelly Forebaugh
Such great news! I pray Josh continues to improve.