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Thank YOU GOD for all the mothers who have influenced my life. What a gift you have given me to have so many great women in my life. From my own mommy to my wonderful grandma to my dear mother-in-law. But then there are the aunts, neighbors, church ladies, nurses, doctors, teachers, and friends who all share love and knowledge with me. Thank YOU GOD for all my moms in my life.

Happy Mother's Day to you. Yesterday marked one whole month of being out of the hospital. Josh is making improvements each week. We are very encouraged.

Josh's tummy is making the greatest improvements. He has been eating a lot of yogurt and it is "righting" things. He's pooping less and he has only gotten sick 3 times this week. So grateful to GOD for manifesting this part of Josh's healing this week.

Josh is still tinkling a little everyday. Yesterday was his highest yet with 140mls. We give thanks for each new improvement.

He is getting physically stronger. Standing for longer periods of time. Looking stronger when he does walk a few steps. He loves having his brothers around to talk and play. You can see it in his eyes he wants to get up and run with them. He fantasizes about going to Chuck E Cheeses, Funland, Build-a-bear, the movies, school, McDonalds, baseball games, Pizza Hut, school, on vacation, and just being home. He has big plans. GOD has big plans prosper Josh and not to harm him.

After speaking to the doctors, they anticipate Josh will be able to come home to Fredericksburg sometime around July 9th (day 180 post-transplant) if he continues to progress as nicely as he is. Looking forward to going home very much.

I have a prayer that I like to say for Josh everyday now and if you pray for Josh, I would like you to say it for him too as often as you can:

Thank YOU GOD for always keeping YOUR Word. Matthew 21:21-22 says "Jesus replied I tell you the truth, if you have Faith and do not doubt, you can not only do what was done to the fig tree but, you can say to this mountain 'go throw yourself into the sea' and it will be done for you. If you believe you will have whatever you ask for in prayer." LORD I believe every word YOU say. And because I trust and believe, I give thanks to YOU that Josh's body is healed. Thank YOU that Josh's body is whole. Thank YOU that Josh's body functions according to the way YOU created the human body to function. I declare in Jesus' name that Josh's body will not have any malfunctions. Jesus is Josh's Healer. Jesus is Josh's Healer. Jesus is Josh's Healer. Because by Jesus' stripes Josh is Healed. In Jesus' name I give Thanks in prayer---AMEN

Thank you for joining me in prayer. I give thanks for all of you and pray for GOD to bless you abundantly.

Will update as things progress. Until next time, have fun.


Dear LORD~

Thank YOU for manifesting Josh's healing before our very eyes. Thank YOU for every step closer YOU bring him to his complete healing I have prayed for him to receive. Thank YOU again for using Josh for YOUR Glory and to display YOUR Power. It is in Jesus' name I give Thanks in Prayer---AMEN!!!
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Vicki West
By Vicki
Amazing Grace! Praying he continues his healing. Bless you for your faith and strength I do believe you can move a mountain with your prayers I know you can move the cooperate world and pharmaceutical world.
Barbara Gertzen
By Barbara Gertzen
Josh, you look like you're getting stronger every day! I will be raising your Mom's prayer heavenward for you each day -- your Mom has shown herself to be one of the most fearless, faithful, supportive, and loving Moms around -- I will certainly follow her lead!
Be well,
Paula Berry
Happy Mother's Day to you Aimee - you are an amazing mom and a testimony to so many of us! i love our friendship and cherish it! I know how extra special this Mother's Day was for you - looking forward to catching up soon and please tell your family that we send love and prayers - we will pray your prayer for Josh each and every day and will be asking the same for Wesley - our GOD is awesome!
Love - paula
Stacey Hilderbrand
By Stacey Hilderbrand
We are so excited to hear of all the improvements that are happening for Josh. We will continue to pray boldly for healing. We cannot wait to see and play with Josh. Love,
Dave, Stacey, Tyler, Emily
Gail Doyle
By Gail Doyle
So happy to hear Josh is improving and Yes ,I believe God will; heal him Said the pray for him and am praying every night for healing .Such a handsome young man. Get better Josh!!!!!
Love Gail(NY)
Vicki Crowder
By Vicki Crowder, Fxbg VA
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, Aimee. Josh has come such a long long way since those awful days before he received the special drug. Prayers for continued blessings.
Hope Wills
By hwills and noah
Happy Mothers Day to you. So glad to hear about Josh!! It's Blessing! Well done. :)
Judie King
By Judie and Lee
We are so thankful for the continued progress.

Thank you, God, for giving Josh the best mother in the world. Aimee's tireless efforts for Josh and her strong faith have been just what he needed. He is truly blessed by his mother 's love.
Allison Staton
By Allison and the Dedham, MA crew.
Oh WHAT a wonderful Mothers Day gift!! A healthier Josh and a picture of him sitting up! Thank you Aimee for sharing these milestones and giving us a chance to cheer him and the whole family on!!
Linda Horn
By Linda Horn
God keeps His promises to His children. Praying for Josh to gain strength daily. God bless his loving, Christian mother on Mother's Day.