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Joshua’s Story

Welcome to Joshua's website. Joshua was under treatment for Leukemia (ALL, B-cell) from November 18, 2010 (when he was 6 years old) until March 28, 2014.  

Through Joshua's ups and downs during treatment we learned so much about the human spirit.  Joshua's resilience, struggles and perseverance through this experience were inspiring.  He truly is a one-of-a-kind and it was his fighting spirit that helped him get through the very tough days and onto better days ahead.

The care and support of The Valerie Centers for treatment and a caring team of friends and neighbors helped carry us through.  Every year we participate in the Valerie Fund Walk as team Joshua's Joggers to help give back to the center that provided support so our family could remain together during treatment.

Latest Journal Update

Latest Medical News & the June 14 Walk

Dear All,

Latest blood results from Joshua’s check this month have his ANC (white cell count that fights bacteria -- above 4,000 – higher than it has been since he became ill – and in case you are wondering that’s a very good thing)!  Hooray!

On June 10th we have scheduled some scans to monitor Joshua’s liver, gall bladder and heart. He will have an ultrasound and doppler of his abdominal region, an EKG of his heart and his monthly blood draw and exam. We are hoping the medication he has been taking for his liver and gall bladder will no longer be needed.  Keeping fingers crossed all looks well at his appointments in two weeks! 

The Valerie Fund annual 5K is coming up.  We are so excited to have Joshua’s Joggers participating for the fourth consecutive year.  Grandma Paula will be in town June 9th ahead of the event and Joshua’s (gulp) graduation from elementary school.  It is a wonderful time and we are super grateful!!!

To date we have raised over $14,000 for The Valerie Fund.  We have our friends and family and co-workers to thank and specifically the businesses that hosted donation-based yoga classes for our team and had retail give backs. Special thanks to Satsang Yoga Studio, Heads & Tails Yoga, Arirang Restaurant (Mountainside) and Let’s Yo (Watchung) who have partnered with our team.  This year Heads & Tails Yoga is offering their Sunday 1pm donation based class for our team.  It’s a great way to give the gift of self-nourishment while giving to a worth-while cause.  A win-win!

This year we are aiming high!  We raised $6,000 last year and we hope to increase our footprint in celebration of Joshua ending chemo.  We hope to provide $10,000 in donations to honor Joshua and his friends in treatment this year. We can do it with your help!  We would be honored to have you as part of our team whether you can be with us in person or in spirit through your donation.


We are honored to share this journey alongside Joshua and look forward to another incredible event for a worthy cause – our kids!

With many thanks,

Denise & Barry Friedson