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Joshua’s Story

Welcome to Joshua's website. Joshua was under treatment for Leukemia (ALL, B-cell) from November 18, 2010 (when he was 6 years old) until March 28, 2014.  

Through Joshua's ups and downs during treatment we learned so much about the human spirit.  Joshua's resilience, struggles and perseverance through this experience were inspiring.  He truly is a one-of-a-kind and it was his fighting spirit that helped him get through the very tough days and onto better days ahead.

The care and support of The Valerie Centers for treatment and a caring team of friends and neighbors helped carry us through.  Every year we participate in the Valerie Fund Walk as team Joshua's Joggers to help give back to the center that provided support so our family could remain together during treatment.

Latest Journal Update

Wishes Do Come True

Dear All,

In the nearly 8 months since Joshua finished treatment, he has been doing very well.  He started middle school and currently is in the 5th grade.  While transitioning to a new school has been challenging,he has been working very hard and earning all A’s. 

He has continued on his quest for progress in Taekwondo and this week and moved from a recommended 1st Degree Black Belt to a 1st Degree (decided) Black Belt.  We are extremely proud he has accomplished this goal nearly 5 years in the making. 

On the health front, Joshua is officially medication-free and as a result has been sleeping better. Although he isn’t taking any harmful substances anymore, he frequently complains about being tired and his legs hurting.  We have been using natural bath salts and topical oils which has minimized some discomfort.  As there is a high rate of neuropathy and bone growth problems from taking high dose steroids and Vincristine over long periods of time we wanted to check things out.  Last month we visited a neurologist and an orthopedist to investigate the leg pain. The good news is his blood work looks good and structurally everything is fine.  The doctors could not pinpoint the cause of the pain and the orthopedist has recommended physical therapy to help with balance difficulty and elasticity of his muscles. 

A few years ago our hospital had given Make-A-Wish Joshua’s name so he could have an opportunity to dream big.  We also found that his search for the wish helped to focus his attention on something positive during treatment.  At that time Joshua had a wish of seeing an active volcano and Make-A-Wish has arranged a visit to Volcanic National Park and Kīlauea which happens to be very active right now.  We waited for some time to pass post-treatment so Joshua’s immune system would be up for travel and we are thrilled to report that Joshua’s wish is being fulfilled and we are traveling on Sunday to Hawaii.  On our way back from Hawaii we will be spending Thanksgiving with Joshua’s Great Grandmother who turned 95 last month – a trip long overdue.

We will take lots of pictures and be sure to post about the highlights from the trip.

We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and fulfilling Thanksgiving.

With love,

The Friedsons

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Jamie McLaughlin
By Jamie
CONGRATS JOSHUA! on your receiving your well-deserved 1st degree black belt. We are SO proud of you. Your courage, strength, perseverance and determination despite your battle with Leukemia is such an inspiration. We are so happy that your Wish is coming true! Enjoy every moment of it with your precious family who has shared this journey and helped you fight!
You are an amazing family! Have a GREAT time! Happy and safe travels to all of you.
Can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!
We love you all!
Jamie, Mike, Chet and Jack xoxoxoxo
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Michael Marmor
By Michael Marmor
What a fantastic idea. I would also love to see an active volcano! It is great to hear that you are able to go to Hawaii and see this, it sounds like an adventure. Have a safe trip and I hope you take lots of photos!
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susan streep
By Susan Streep
Just so thrilled for Joshua and the entire family....have a wonderful trip!
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Maria Vargas
AWESOME!!!!!! So glad Joshua is fulfilling one of his dreams of seeing an active volcano - if anyone deserves it, it is him :) Hawaii is beautiful but the trip there can be very exhausting, even for adults so rest well prior to traveling! Can't wait to see/hear all about it but am especially thrilled to hear about his health progress! Enjoy your time in Hawaii and your visit with great-grandmother! Happy Thanksgiving my friends!
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Lisa Rafal
By The Rafal Family
Have a BLAST in Hawaii! There are some beautiful sights at Volcanoes!! We saw a beautiful rainbow at a crater we stopped to look at in the park...it's one of the coolest things we saw while we were there. You probably know that lava flow from Kilauea just claimed a house on the Big Island this week! What an exciting time to be seeing it!
Better than the trip is Joshua's continued good health. That's better than any trip I could imagine. Happy Thanksgiving Friedsons!
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Lisa Ciccarelli
By Lisa Ciccarelli
OMG that is awesome, A little scary but awesome. I hope you all have a wonderful time.
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Cheryl Kriney
By The Krineys
What a great wish!! Have an awesome time!!!
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