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Joshua’s Story

Welcome to Joshua's website. Joshua was under treatment for Leukemia (ALL, B-cell) from November 18, 2010 (when he was 6 years old) until March 28, 2014.  

Through Joshua's ups and downs during treatment we learned so much about the human spirit.  Joshua's resilience, struggles and perseverance through this experience were inspiring.  He truly is a one-of-a-kind and it was his fighting spirit that helped him get through the very tough days and onto better days ahead.

The care and support of The Valerie Centers for treatment and a caring team of friends and neighbors helped carry us through.  Every year we participate in the Valerie Fund Walk as team Joshua's Joggers to help give back to the center that provided support so our family could remain together during treatment.

Latest Journal Update

Joshua's Joggers back for our 5th year!

Nov 2014.  Joshua's Make-A-Wish fullfilled! Kiluea's Cauldron - active and seen best at night.

Nov 2014. Joshua's Make-A-Wish fullfilled! Kiluea's Cauldron - active and seen best at night.

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Dear Friends,
We are so grateful to Make-A-Wish for granting Joshua's wish to see an active volcano in Hawaii!  We took the journey in November and it was truly an amazing trip; we could not be more thankful for the experience. We have added a couple photos from the trip to the album here.

Up until this month, Joshua has been going back to the Valerie Centers each month for blood work and exams. Overall he has been doing well!  He is now down to every other month for blood work and appointments.  So thankful to be at this point!

In less than a month Joshua's Joggers will be back in action!  Our 5th year walking and running and this year is also special as it is the 10th walk for the Valerie Fund. Please join us on June 13th in Verona Park as we recognize children in cancer treatment and their brave families in the NJ/NY/PA area who endure so much together.  Run the 5K for our team or walk with us in celebration of The Valerie Centers.  We are so thankful for their expertise and guidance throughout Joshua's 3.5 years in treatment and also now as we return for monitoring.  Grateful they are here helping children and their families with lifelong blood disorders and cancer.  We wouldn't be where we are today without them.

2015 Valerie Fund Walk/5K link for Joshua's Joggers.  This year we are Faster than Lightning!

We appreciate your love and support of these centers that make such a difference in the delicate lives of so many children!  We also recognize that while we are lucky to be celebrating Joshua's life, not all parents have that luxury even with the latest oncology protocols and treatment measures.  We still consider ourselves so fortunate.  We will be walking for those who continue to battle and for the families who do not have the luxury of seeing their children grow up.

Sending love to you all,
The Friedsons