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Joshua can now CRUISE (walk using only furniture for assistance) FROM ONE PIECE OF FURNITURE TO ANOTHER!

I am just so EXCITED!  JOSHUA CAN CRUISE FROM ONE PIECE OF FURNITURE TO ANOTHER! I can't get him to do it again right now to take a video, but Joshua just stood up from his chair using the kitchen table, cruised a few steps (walking using only the table for support, no one helping him) to the corner of the table, then reached out (about two feet) to grab the counter, and stepped OVER TO THE COUNTER and cruised another step or two there! EVERYONE!  Please join me in shouting out how AWESOME MY BOY Joshua is!  It is a miracle, every step closer to walking independently he gets, especially at nearly 13 years old!  I can't think straight I'm just so THRILLED about what just happened! 

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Jodi Abbinanti
Oh This is THRILLING. So thankful to hear this progress. This boy is reaching the time for independence. His determination is wonderful. We are so proud of Josh and my heart is soaring with yours!!! Way to go Joshua. We love you.
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Mary Elizabeth Stone
By Mary Elizabeth
SO thrilled!!! Rejoicing with you! That is the most wonderful news!!! Go Joshua!! And congrats to this entire precious family!!
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