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We're back from Philly!

Sorry I am a little late posting this short report on our trip to IAHP.  Jacob came home from Philly sick again, then of course Joshua got it again, too.  Now, finally, everyone is well and we can breathe-  and get into the swing if all the new program activities!

Apr 5, 2014
We're Back From Philadelphia
by Jennifer Bolt, Professional Mother to Joshua (12 years) and Jacob (16 months)

We were in Philadelphia March 23-29 for Joshua's week-long appointment at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential. As always, it was a long but very worthwhile and rewarding visit. The staff there are not only knowledgable, but also are so very kind, caring, and genuinely concerned with every aspect of our family's well-being. We feel blessed to be able to visit there. We always come away a little overwhelmed, but highly encouraged and motivated to keep working and keep hoping!

With the exceptions of good sleep (which none of us have gotten lately anyway) and Jacob developing another cold Friday afternoon, we all did well. Jacob and Joshua are both good travelers.  Jacob, in particular, improved substantially since the last visit.  He even used public restroom toilets both going there and coming home, keeping his diaper dry and clean most of the driving time.  Yay!

Joshua had AWESOME evaluations and GREAT program sessions with all the IAHP staff, despite having such poor sleep and having been sick recently.  He performed each task immediately upon the request, frequently before they finished asking him.  A couple times, he even anticipated what they wanted him to do before they made the request!  

Joshua was an excellent example of a "senior" IAHP kid to all the other families, who all had been on the program for only about 2 years or less.  Joshua has been doing IAHP programs since January 2005- over 9 years!  He enjoyed having a large space there to creep, crawl, and log roll for an audience, and especially loved showing them his new CRUISING skills- independently walking while holding on to furniture!

Jacob really enjoyed the other children!  They all were bigger than him, but that did not stop him from hugging them - sometimes until they fell over, and he then climbed on top of them!

The IAHP Home-based Intensive Treatment Program has the following goals for Joshua, and each staff member wears a color-coded jacket that denotes his or her area of expertise.  We have them listed in order of priority for Joshua:

1. Physiological growth towards excellence -green jackets
2. Physical growth towards excellence -black jackets
3. Social growth towards excellence -both black and beige jackets
4. Intellectual growth towards excellence -beige jackets

Staff members of every color jacket met with Joshua during the week, sometimes several different people at once, especially the green jackets this time.

Joshua had been sick five times in the last 11 months, all upper respiratory ailments. The most recent illness lasted two weeks right before the trip (and now he's home and sick again).  His lab work and other physiological tests revealed several chronic issues that have been negatively impacting his health as well as physical and intellectual stamina, including significant levels of dangerous toxins and de-hydration.

The "green jacket" staff at IAHP (medical doctors, nutritionists, and respiratory experts) assisted us substantially in prescribing improvements to his nutrition, supplementation, and respiratory treatments.  We hope that soon Joshua will be able to move out of this cycle of illness which has recently been severely hampering our ability to do the program.