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This week's Reading by Joshua

This Week's Reading

By Joshua

Here today I was reading all the scripture readings, news articles, magazines, and books that Mama Linda brought to me for this week. Some I already read a few days ago. They were some of them very interesting, informative, and some of them made me think more than others.

The scripture written by Ben Sira, a Jewish philosopher, is one of the books of Wisdom from the Old Testament part of the bible. That book is called Sirach. This week's bit is about always keeping God's commandments and us having free will. We are responsible for our choices. Life and death are our choices, good and evil, too. He knows and understands. We should not blame God for our human choices that bring bad things into the world.

Another reading is a bit of another letter by Saint Paul, to the people of Corinth, again. He writes about how wise God is. He is more wise than any human. It is a mystery and from before the universe was created, he knows all from beginning to end. We will never know his entire wisdom, it is so humongous.

The Gospel reading is from what Saint Matthew wrote about what Jesus said and did. Jesus taught that he wanted to fulfill, complete, and perfect the Jewish laws, not do away with them. He gives four examples of specific laws Jesus taught About.this just one. He not only spoke against murder,but compared wrath to it and added that to the law. Being so angry like to kill is also a sin, even if you don't kill. He asks people to reconcile with each other or they cannot be reconciled with god. The other examples were the same. He added to the laws and explained them better, so people should know that the sins they commit in their hearts are just as bad as those they do and get caught at. This helps them to not be prideful and persecute others if they recognize all their own sins. He tells them they can do right with god's help.

I read today about chimpanzees who eat meals together. Scientists studied them. The better they were at eating together, the more oxytocin they had. That helps them be happy and get along. Sharing their food seems to be similar to the bond made between mothers and their Breastfeeding babies. That was a study about oxytocin done a while ago. Also mutual grooming g each other's fur made oxytocin levels go up. That was another old study. But this study says they do not have to be related to share food and bond, get to like each other. Human studies like this are not done. But I think it probably is the same. What do you think? The picture with this article is funny. Two chimpanzees have a pumpkin. A third chimpanzee's face is close, too. They are all grinning and looking at each other and the pumpkin.