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Joshua is a very smart, funny 13-year-old. Learning to walk, talk, and use his hands is a challenge due to a brain injury commonly called cerebral palsy. But he works hard, and has fun learning! He is also a very responsible big brother to Jacob, who was born Nov. 21, 2012.

When Joshua was born, August 31, 2001, he did not breathe. He was put on a respirator immediately and rushed to the NICU, but later, both of his lungs collapsed, and he had siezures.  Miraculously, he survived.

We knew on the day he was born that his brain was injured, and the doctors just didn't know what was in store for our little miracle.

The actual extent of the brain injury was not obvious until he was growing older but not reaching those "normal" developmental milestones.

We knew before six months that we needed to do something to speed his development, but of course most doctors have the "wait and see" approach.

Joshua's neurologist finally told us that he had cerebral palsy, when Joshua was 9 months old.

From then until 2005, we took Joshua to therapists and to many other specialists. He even had eye surgery before age two. But he still couldn't focus well, near or far, even with glasses.

Joshua learned to crawl on his stomach (combat-style) at the age of 2 years! This was despite the fact we gave him very little opportunity to be on the floor compared to what we now know he needed.

We felt like there was more we should be doing. Both of us worked full-time, with Joshua at a babysitter's house. And we didn't know what else we could or should do.

Eventually, we paid off all our credit card debt, and I quit my job to really focus and try everything I could to help Joshua develop faster.

In 2004, we discovered The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential ( This organization has answered all our questions about how we can best help Joshua achieve our dreams for him!

They teach the parents to do the program at home! We don't have to take Joshua all over the place constantly. Just two five-day trips to Philadelphia are needed each year for them to evaluate Joshua and teach us what to do next, and that's it. No other therapist or specialist appointments needed! We are Joshua's best therapists!

Together with families of exceptional children throughout the world, we count on IAHP to guide us and prescribe the best course of action. They give our children the best chances at achieving physical, physiological, intellectual & social excellence, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles!

The Intensive Treatment Program costs about $10,000 a year. To make a tax-deductible contribution, call with a credit card or mail a check to IAHP.  Make sure you reference the name "JOSHUA BOLT".

IAHP -Finance Dept

8801 Stenton Ave

Wyndmoor, PA 19038


An essential component of his Intensive Treatment program is having volunteers help his parents with his treatment.  Please call 434-603-1878 if you live near Farmville, Virginia and are interested.


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Sorry I am a little late posting this short report on our trip to IAHP.  Jacob came home from Philly sick again, then of course Joshua got it again, too.  Now, finally, ... Read more

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Hi JoshuaWe are so proud of all of your achievements.  You are such a very smart young man.  We know that your special angel Eli is watching over you.  I'm sure that he ... Read more

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Yesterday, a beautiful 11 1/2 year old friend of Joshua's passed away.  Before she became unable to withstand the rigorous activity, she was doing a home based IAHP ... Read more

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Wow! You are such a tremendously big boy! We remember when you were just a little guy! Keep writing Joshua! Fred loved your thoughts on Saint Francis! He is one of our ... Read more

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